Sunday, January 4, 2009

Humanity to Israel: "I am a Palestinian"

When JFK addressed the Germans 'imprisoned' in Berlin
several years ago, this is what he said to them
and to the world:

Today, as the Israeli Zionists continue to commit genocide
against the Palestinians and are invading Gaza,
humanity needs to stand up and proclaim to Israel in one voice:

"I am a Palestinian"

Then, humanity should do everything in its power to effect
Regime Change in Israel and do one or all of the following
until there is Regime Change or until Israel ceases to exist
(whichever comes first):

BOYCOTT everything 'Made in Israel' (Bar Code 729).
EXPROPRIATE all property owned by Israelis
in other countries.
SHUT DOWN all Israel-owned companies in other countries.
CLOSE all Israeli Embassies and destroy the
nukes hidden there.
EXPEL all Israeli citizens and dual citizens to Israel.
STOP all trade with Israel or impose heavy tariffs
on Israeli goods.
CANCEL all trade agreements with Israel.
CANCEL all Treaties with Israel.
STOP all immigration of Israelis to other countries.
RETRACT the US Veto power for anti-Israel UN Resolutions.
REFUSE entry of Israeli Nationals into other countries.

Will THEY who LIVE (unfortunately) finally
'Get the Message'?

If THEY still ignore humanity's message,
THEY WILL understand (briefly) Yahweh's message:

Ezekiel 22:20

Yahweh's MELTING of Israel is also


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