Friday, May 15, 2009

Draining the Swamp

That Shrewd Zionist Shill Karl Denninger has 'stepped in it' again - sort of! Yes, we must DRAIN THE SWAMP (A Good Start) - and all the ZIONIST SLIMEBALL TRAITORS in Government, the Financial Industry (especially Goldman Sachs and Wall St.) and the MainStreamMedia, etc. will be EXPOSED and left HIGH AND DRY FOR ALL to SEE! I love it so! When it becomes SELF-EVIDENT that all the CRIMINALS are ZIONIST SLIMEBALL TRAITORS to AMERICA, will the Zionist Shills still be unwilling to CONNECT the ZIONIST BLOBS? Certainly UNWILLING but finally
UNABLE to CONCEAL the TRUTH any longer!


the MANY GORY ZIONIST BLOBS in previous posts - CONNECTED!

Time for Yahweh's
'Heavenly Holocaust'
Ezekiel 22:20
(A Good Finish)

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