Wednesday, May 13, 2009

'Green Shoots' on the way to the Abyss?


If you believe that the American economy is turning around or has turned the corner and is on its way to a long-term Recovery, you are being DECEIVED by the ObamaRahm-a regime and its Zionist Slimeball Controllers in "New Khazaria" (Israel), BABBLING NONSENSE in the Zionist-controlled MainStream Media (including their Internet Orifices) about the Economy (and Housing) having reached bottom. The Descent into the Abyss, as PLANNED by those Zionist Slimeballs (SEE! earlier posts here), is not like jumping off the WTC on 9/11 from a top floor while it is burning beneath your feet and while fiery smoke is choking you to death and frying your lungs. There will be "Suckers Rallies" in the financial markets and small, but statistically insignificant upticks in various measures of economic activity (like Retail Sales, Home Sales, Auto Sales, etc.). You can take it to the Bank (if you can find one that's SOLVENT) that America is headed for the Grandest Depression of anyone's wildest Dreams - actually Nightmares. You SEE!, those Zionist Slimeball Agents of the Alien Race are NO DUMMIES. When THEY (who LIVE!) PLAN a DEPRESSION, you can bet your bottom Dollar that it WILL occur - as DESIGNED! All the ballyhoo from the ObamaRahm-a Administration, the Fed Zionist Orifice (Bernanke) and the Treasury Zionist Orifice (Geithner) is intended to DECEIVE and create FALSE HOPE. We already know about the kind of CHANGE ObamaRahm-a had in mind.

If you are waiting anxiously to get one of those plum 750,000 jobs that ObamaRahm-a promised to deliver in a few months, DON'T HOLD YOUR BREATH! If you are unlucky enough to get one of those jobs, you can look forward to a depressing existence of shuffling papers, digging ditches, serving meals to the homeless and jobless, or filling potholes in America's roads. Your College Degree, MBA or PhD will be useful for calculating how long you can expect to survive before going nuts or joining the despairing masses on the receiving end of the coming Fascist Police State hand-outs. PANIC is the next (2010) Stage of the Black Hole, spawned by the Zionist Devil's brood who worship in the "Synagogue of Satan". MANY more jobs, homes, boats, cars and lives will be lost and sacrificed on the Zionist altar of Mammon, before that INEVITABLE Day of Reckoning arrives on your doorstep.

The last reliable (somewhat) remaining indicator of the Ugly Reality ahead, is the price of gold. It has been steadily rising, while the financial markets have been rallying. If you are tempted or enticed to buy gold or silver as protection from personal 'Financial Armageddon', DON'T BOTHER! When the financial infrastructure (as well as the economic, social, political and cultural infrastructures) breaks down, your gold and silver (bars, coins or jewelry) will not be liquid assets - and you can't eat them, either! The chances are that hoarded gold will be CONFISCATED by BIG BROTHER (aka Uncle Sam), before you can say Golda. That's the way it will be - if you can believe Biblical Prophecy (YOU CAN!).

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