Friday, May 8, 2009

Zionist Media Deception & Propaganda

Here's today's Financial MainStream Media 'Good News': ONLY 539,000 jobs disappeared in April! What sort of Zionist Slimeball Sicko would couch that dismal statistic in a positive light? Want more 'Good News'? The Zionist-controlled Banks, after receiving $BILLIONS in Bailout $$$ from America's future generations of tax payers, ONLY need $74.6 BILLION more in the next round (including Fannie Mae). How about this 'Good News': ObamaRahm-a trumpets cutting $17 BILLION from next year's $3.6 TRILLION* Federal Budget. That represents a mind-boggling .004% reduction. Meanwhile, the Budget for M&M (Murdering & Maiming - people) blows up to $663.7Billion. Would you believe the Federal Gov't pays thousands of useless Spaceballs hundreds of millions to sit around, watch God's Heavenly Fireworks throughout the Universe displayed and go: WOW, how 'stunning'! (NASA, etc.). Are $BILLIONS sent to support the ZioWars of "New Khazaria" (Israel) a 'stunning' waste of our tax dollars? (You betcha!). Meanwhile, the Zionist Slimeballs at Goldman Sachs (Blankfein, Friedman, et al) are wringing out Investor 'Shorts' by generating an INSANE MARKET RALLY SHAM (the proverbial 'Bear Market Suckers Rally'), while the financial world THEY created is entering 'Financial Armageddon'! Like I said many times before on this Blog, we are now living in the Zionist Twilight Zone where 'War is Peace', 'Bad is Good', 'Down is Up' and food is not fit for human consumption unless it's blessed by the Star-K rabbis in Israel! (for a FEE, naturally!). Mazel Tov, America - A LOT MORE of such 'Good News' is coming our way soon! YOUR lost job (if you haven't lost it yet) is likely to be part of the next round of that 'Good News'. Aren't you thrilled?! Looking forward to living in 'Tent City', USA? You will have many Zionist Slimeballs and ObamaRahm-a to thank!

* Are you wondering where that $3.6TRILLION is coming from? HINT: It's NOT coming from tax receipts! Unemployed folks (in the millions), investors with huge capital losses and bankrupt or money-losing companies do not pay taxes. More DEBT is the only available source of financing this ludicrous and criminal ObamaRahm-a Federal Budget! Expect the Federal Debt Ceiling to finally 'Hit the Ceiling' (or Moon!). It's a DEBT which can NEVER be paid back!


Confiscate all Zionist Slimeball assets!

PS The Unemployment 'Good News' will reach its Climax ('Jobs Contract 16th Straight Month') when the Government reports NO Job losses at all! (It will mean that ALL jobs have been successfully outsourced by Zionist Swineballs and their Zionist corporate stooges to their overseas operations - in India, China, Outer Mongolia, Zimbabwe, Honduras, Mexico, Israel, etc. The rest will be working for the Federal Gov't - servicing unemployment benefits, running Federal Soup Kitchens and digging ditches in America's burgeoning 'Tent Cities'. It's all part of ObamaRahm-a's CHANGE that millions of Americans voted for in total ignorance of what kind of CHANGE he and his Zionist Slimeball masters in Israel had in mind. Should've asked first! ObamaRahm-a operates on the "Don't ASK, Don't TELL" principle. That's why nobody is allowed to ask him about his Kenyan Birth Certificate. Wonder what other questions nobody is allowed to ask???

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