Sunday, May 9, 2010

Butcher Lady of Germany slaughtered...!

...only in the just-concluded NRW (Regional) German elections, of course!

Are the Germans finally coming to their senses?
Is the Zionist Matrix in Germany finally unraveling?
Are the Germans finally sick-and-tired of sending endless
BILLIONS to phony Zionist Shoah victims?

Let's hope so!

Her FALL will come in the Fall!

It appears that ObamaRahm-a, who has recently been seen
"pissing in Frau Merkel's pocket-book"
is apparently pissing in the wrong pocket!

Meanwhile, "Rahmbo" is pissing all over ObamaRahm-a,
like a dog on a fire hydrant!
Zionists want as many ILLEGAL ALIENS in America as possible!
THEY! call it "Immigration Policy Reform"!


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