Thursday, May 6, 2010

The FINAL Reckoning

There's a bon vivant fella over at The Daily Reckoning (Bill Bonner) who thinks he's the "bee's knees" of financial gurudom and crystal ball gazing (similar to Karl Denninger and Michael Shedlock but none in the same class as Michael Hudson and Michael Stathis and Michael Morgan - yet ALL of them Zionist Shills). His current theory is that the financial world is in a period of CORRECTION - to the Mean! (how MEAN can you get!?). His latest articles sound so reasonable and historically well-justified that, unless you are familiar with DOTS (more like BLOODY BLOBS) which are NOT financial in origin and nature, you are in DANGER of being SUCKED IN to his great-sounding (but ERRONEOUS) explanations of where the world as we knew it, is now headed (the ABYSS) - and WHY!

You SEE!, the financial world as we know it, has been ENGINEERED for "Financial Armageddon" ON PURPOSE by a certain group of "people" (more like ILLEGAL ALIENS) which are best and most accurately described as ZIONIST SLIMEBALLS! Greece (and other PIIGS - including America) have been led down the proverbial "Garden Path" to the LAKE of MONUMENTAL DEBT (Private and Sovereign) and DESTRUCTION (sometimes called "DROWNING IN DEBT"). Why? We need to ADD and CONNECT some important BLOODY BLOBS to paint a true and BLOODY picture of Humanity's Future, Present and Past - and SOLVE The Puzzle of Humanity's Existence - including The (foreSEE!able) End of that Existence (by 2012). Here are just SOME of those IMPORTANT BLOODY BLOBS, in no particular order:

"The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion"

"Death by 1000 Cuts"
(by Sir Alan Greenspan - Zionist Slimeball)
"The Synagogue of Satan"

For a longer list of BLOODY BLOBS, check out this LINK!
For the COMPLETE LIST and SOLUTION to The Puzzle,


"Sons of Light"
and the rest of this Blog!

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