Monday, May 10, 2010

Holocaustianity - America's NEW RELIGION

"Yes, Talmudic Judaism is wonderful -
and so is the Orifice of my ALIEN RACE,
above my head! What's wrong with sodomy?
This is Wash. DC, not Sodom & Gomorrah, right!?
Let's fear Muslim 'terrorists', not 'fire and brimstone', right!?"

Not only did the (ILLEGAL and ALIEN) Kenyan President of the United States of America, ObamaRahm-a, stack his Administration and the Federal Bureaucracy with Israeli Terrorists ("Rahmbo") and a TON of Zionist Slimeballs (Chertoff, Bernanke, Geithner, etc.), he is now proceeding to stack the Supreme Court with Zionist Slimeballs of all 3 sexes (YES, Elena Kagan is another Blazing Butch Zionist Slimeball Pervert, similar to Napolitano, if ever there was one!). If her appointment is confirmed, we can expect the Supreme Court to legalize Holocaustianity as America's next State Religion, with the Antichrist himself presiding over the Zionist New World Order (the Bobby Fischer perspective), headquartered in America's WH. There will be 'Hate Laws' and 'Thought Crimes' aplenty! The ALIEN RACE is chuckling with devilish glee, as THEY! hand ObamaRahm-a his Brownie points!

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