Saturday, May 8, 2010

Voices from the ABYSS - Courtesy BP, et al

Read what the CreoleFolks have to say about BP, the Coast Guard, Army Corps of Engineers, ObamaRahm-a, Neo(CON)polit-ana, the NYT, Jindal-laya, etc. (UPDATE). Does the American Federal "Official" reaction to the plight of the locals in LA, who are suffering the fall-out of the "Deepwater Horizon" DISASTER, smell like the rotten aftermath of Hurricane KATRINA?


If you read and look carefully, you will observe the
which COVERS-UP (as usual) this entire mess!FOOTNOTE

You don't get a "free plug" from the Zionist-controlled MSM (CNBC)
you are a bona-fide Zionist Shill (Karl Denninger's Market Ticker)
and FULLY COMPLY with the Zionist 'Code-of-Silence' about 911 Truth!
(and all the other Zionist BLOODY BLOBS)

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