Sunday, July 4, 2010

How WARM a Welcome for Netanyahu?

How about as WARM as the molten steel of the WTC,
mini-NUKED by Zionist Israel's MOSSAD on 911!"Good for Israel!"

"We, the Jewish people,
(Zionist Slimeballs)
CONTROL America,

and the Americans know it!"

(Ariel Sharon)America

"ObamaRahm-a, Now Hear This: This is your Lord and Master speaking.
Be a good goy boy - and do as you're told.
We want America swamped with illegal aliens.
It's good for our business - and deadly for America!
My pals Alan, Ben and Tim started the Grand Depression
just for the hell of it - if you know what I mean.
We want Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran under our control - verstehst?
The blood of our "Chosen People" is far too precious to be wasted there.
Always remember, we have your original Kenyan birth certificate.
If that's not enough
and you stand in our way - you'll end up like JFK!"


"Oh YES, Massa - whatever you say.
I love the WH so!
911 truth will be our little secret 'til I die.
May I lick
Can I have another Nobel Peace Prize?
What's that? You want more phosphor shells and moolah
to exterminate those Palestinian roaches in Gaza?
Consider it DONE!"

Remember, friends, the Israeli Zionist Slimeballs crossed the Rubicon on 911
and THEY will not turn back on their way to Hell on Earth!
THEY will attack Iran (summer) to kick-start Armageddon!
THEY are arranging a FEEDING FRENZY for the ALIEN RACE!

"For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood,
but against principalities, against powers,
against the rulers of the darkness of this age,
against spiritual hosts of wickedness
in the heavenly places."

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