Saturday, July 10, 2010

What the "Military" is all about

Every day, MILLIONS of people around the globe put on their military UNIforms to start another day, working for the ALIEN RACE. Most of them have NO CLUE what they are actually doing - and who they work for! The Russians have their UNIforms, the Americans have their UNIforms, the Germans have their UNIforms, etc. The uniform thing about all these UNIforms, besides all the colorful ribbons and pieces of shiny metal that decorate them, is that they CONCEAL the hidden and sinister AGENDA of the ALIEN RACE. All these UNIforms are a FACADE!

The PURPOSE of the Military is to KILL HUMAN BEINGS. Strip away all the BS about patriotism, national security, defense of homelands and "freedom" and THAT is what you are left with! To KILL by whatever means possible, using a horrible and ingenious array of weapons to tear apart, burn, and incinerate human bodies. The USMC does NOT "build men" - it builds killers and murderers who blindly follow orders, often without the slightest clue what they are actually doing - until after they do it! By then, it's too late to absolve them and their consciences of the GUILT for crimes committed against humanity - not to mention God, Who created Humanity!

Cui bono, you ask?

The ALIEN RACE is a race of other-dimensional, demonic beings who FEED on negative spiritual energy and human souls - in addition to the ordinary human blood and guts which TPTB (AGENTS of the ALIEN RACE) try to hide from our view, if at all possible. The universal Military is a DECEPTION RACKET, invented by these demonic and cunning REPTILIAN beings to CONCEAL what THEY are really after and what THEY are really doing - through their AGENTS (located in Zionist Israel and GOVERNMENTS)!

Do you remember how to think?

"Thou shalt not kill!"
Whose ORDERS are you going to follow???

"There will be Hell to pay"

"Nothing will end war unless
the people themselves refuse to go to war."

(Albert Einstein)

What's the "Last Word" on the American Military?
"The American Military Brass KNOW that Israel did 911!"
(Dr. Alan Sabrosky)
Are they upholding their Constitutional Oaths to protect America
against its Enemies, Foreign (Israel) and Domestic (ObamaRahm-a)?

from the American Military Brass:
BRASS BALLS!Why is this clown-in-drag chasing and killing people in
Afghanistan instead of arresting the TRAITOR
and illegal Commander-in-Chief and Zionist stooge
resident of the WH - ObamaRahm-a???

Zionist Slimeballs, NOT brass balls, populate
the American Military Brass!

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