Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Zionist "Beast Within" (Tapeworm)

That ULTRA Zionist Shill, Karl Denninger, has outdone himself (again) with his post today about what (actually WHO) is KILLING (INTENTIONALLY!) America's Economy. NO, folks, it's NOT Bumbling Ben Bernanke or Stupid Sir Alan Greenspan or Toothless "Tax Cheat" Tim Geithner or Out-To-Lunch ObamaRahm-a - it's the DEVILISH work of the same Zionist Slimeballs and their GOY STOOGES who also did 911 (it's "Stranger Than Fiction!"), the JFK assassination, the USS Liberty attack, the "Holocaust Industry and Conspiracy", ETC., plotting their diabolical schemes in...

("New Khazaria")

...and the "Israel Lobby" in Washington, DC!

Check out
"The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion"
for their

Are you AWAKE yet, America???


jfr said...

First time to your blog. I am very aware of the things you write about. I am very curious about the photo Abyss. Beyond the obvious what is it telling and where is it from?

GodSend said...

Welcome, jfr!

The pic is from a poster for the film "The Abyss" - with some creative additions by Yours Truly. It tells the symbolic story of the gradual sinking of the "Titanic" (America) into the depths of despair and destruction (the ABYSS or GRAND DEPRESSION), wrought by those Zionist Slimeballs I keep EXPOSING - the (Reptilian) AGENTS of the ALIEN RACE! You could also say that it represents America (State by State), drowning in DEBT. So far, California, Illinois, Louisiana and Florida are approaching the bottom. Many other States are not far behind.

My website (not blog) has been nicknamed "The Illustrated Guide to the Universe". Think of my blog as an Addendum (Update) to my website. I believe that pictures are worth 1000 words (or more).

jfr said...

Thank you for responding so thoroughly.I live in Illinois so it peeked my interest.

GodSend said...


If you study (including links) my website and Blog thoroughly and with an open mind and receptive heart, you will obtain knowledge which you are not likely to find anywhere else (the Solution to The Puzzle of human existence). While the future appears to be very bleak (not just for people who live in Illinois and the other 3 States), the knowledge of things-to-come can and should be used to prepare for a future that promises to be more fantastic than we can possibly imagine! The thing to do now is to enjoy life and the wonders of God's creation - and watch as He brings this dispensation to a close, in accordance with prophecy. These can be the most exciting times in the history on humankind. It all depends on your perspective! Jesus said: "Be of good cheer. Your tears of sorrow will be turned into tears of joy". I sense that you are a young person. If you know Jesus in your heart, you can be full of hope and confidence, no matter how young or old you are!

jfr said...

"I sense that you are a young person."

LOL. I'll take that as a complement. I am a 50 year old woman.

I admire your optimism and appreciate your work exposing Zionism.

GodSend said...


You must be young at heart! :) I'm 70, so I consider you young, relatively speaking. ;)

Exposing the unmitigated Evil of Zionism is only half the story. The other half is exposing God's wonderful plan for humanity - if people would only listen! If you read the section on Overcomers on my website, you will discover one of many reasons for my eternal optimism.