Friday, October 1, 2010

Why is the Stock Market going UP???

While America's Economy has come to a GRINDING HALT (in 2004), the Stock Market has been climbing relentlessly since March, 2009. WASSUP? Who ARE those mysterious "Investors" who keep buying stocks in the middle of the GRAND DEPRESSION, just before the BIG (DOUBLE) DIP is about to hit? Do THEY have endless funds to "invest"? Do THEY care about the fundamental DISASTER which has been planned for America's Economy? Are THEY all NUTS???

Here is

Those mysterious "Investors" who are driving up Stock Prices relentlessly, regardless of "Fundamentals" are FEW IN NUMBER! THEY all have LARGE (controlling) holdings of America's leading listed Corporations! Together, acting in UNISON and COLLUSION, THEY can drive Stock Prices UP or DOWN as far as THEY wish - at ANY TIME - regardless of what other factors might influence Stock Prices!

THEY get together and ROTATE the BUYER and SELLER roles! "Investor" A, with large holdings in Company X stock, supplies them to "Investor" B, who creates ARTIFICIAL DEMAND for the X stock. When "Investor" B has had his fill, THEY reverse roles! "Investor" B now has a huge chunck of X stock and puts is on the market for sale. Guess who is ready and able and willing to BUY the X stock - and create ARTIFICIAL DEMAND, once again, to drive the price of stock X UP some more? That's right, it's "Investor" A!!! How along can THEY keep this GAME up? As long as THEY want! If THEY run out of $$$, THEY can always go to their buddy, Zionist Slimeball Ben Bernanke at the FED, who will lend THEM as much $$$ as THEY want at about 0% interest!!! Nice GAME, huh??? That's why the Stock Market is now a CASINO, with the HOUSE making all the RULES! (and WINNING). This GAME makes the average, clueless "Investor" a GAMBLER! (and LOSER, at will). Of course, this GAME has more than 2 PLAYERS and gets a little more sophisticated - to hide their tracks! Is the phrase: "MARKET MANIPULATION" any clearer now?

Why is it becoming EASIER for the Zionist Slimeballs to MANIPULATE MARKETS? Because most rational investors left the CASINO a long time ago! All that's left now is SUCKERS! America, in addition to being full of SHEEPLE, is also full of SUCKERS! Are YOU one of them?

Caveat Emptor!

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