Thursday, November 11, 2010

Remembering Feeding Frenzies of the ALIEN RACE!

Slaughterhouses of the

The endless wars of the Human Race were/are "invented" and engineered by AGENTS of the ALIEN RACE to gorge THEMselves on the blood, guts, tears, suffering, mutilations and destruction of human bodies and souls. Our "glorious warriors" (UNIformed or not) who ignorantly sacrificed themselves for Fatherland, Freedom and Family really did no such thing - they were (and are) simply "SERVED" to the ALIEN RACE (for their breakfast, lunch and dinner). Those who ignorantly "honor" the millions of sacrificed victims, simply contribute to the DIET of the ALIEN RACE - THEY also live on human Negative Spiritual Energy.

"There will be no end to war
until the people refuse to go to war."

(Albert Einstein)

(by waving flags, false "Patriotism" and "God bless America!")

"Thou shalt not kill!"

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