Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Zionism: Humanity's TERMINAL CANCER!

Perhaps you've stumbled upon this Blog "by accident" or were led here by some other website, like Gordon Duff's "Veterans Today" or "Skeptical Community" - or any number of other websites. Whatever led you here, it's NO ACCIDENT - but Divine Providence!

However you arrived here, you are STRONGLY ADVISED to proceed to STUDY this Blog and my website ("Sons of Light") in their ENTIRETY - your (ETERNAL) LIFE may depend on it. No kidding! Although you will not find personal Salvation here (or on any other website), you WILL find CLEAR DIRECTIONS on how to get there. STUDY means following all the links (there are MANY) as well as meditating on what you see - until you SEE! it.

When considering the FINAL OUTCOME and Yahweh's FINAL SOLUTION to the Zionist Slimeball Problem (Ezekiel 22:20), you may be tempted to think: "A humanity-loving God can't possibly bring down such harsh Judgment on "The Rebellious House of Israel", including untold millions of "innocent" non-Zionist bystanders - like Israeli Jews, Palestinians, Christians and others.


A WARNING has been issued to all those who live in Zionist Israel. Neturei Karta Torah Jews have issued their WARNING about Israel since 1948! The "gathering", spoken of by Ezekiel 22:20 (Yahweh's prophet) many centuries ago, is just about COMPLETE and the INEVITABLE JUDGMENT (MELTING) will follow. God is NOT a liar!

A TERMINAL CANCER (Zionism) can only be treated by exorcising and excising the cancerous tissue - to be BURNED! It is INEVITABLE that some healthy tissue will also be destroyed in the purifying process. Don't be caught in the vicinity of Zionists, because we do not know the day or hour when Yahweh's TERRIBLE SWIFT SWORD will suddenly descend on the ALIEN RACE and its Zionist Slimeball AGENTS.

Anyone still residing in Israel is just asking to be "COLLATERAL DAMAGE" when God's Judgment arrives! APATHY and ARROGANCE (by many Israeli Jews) will have it's horrifying reward - and is akin to bringing the curse of Christ's shed blood down on their heads and those of their children.


Let those who have ears to hear, HEAR!

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