Saturday, January 1, 2011

Climbing the "mountain" called TRUTH


We are all born on the plains, surrounding Mount TRUTH.

The plains are smooth, comfortable and fertile.

Rivers flow down from the mountain and water the plains.

Some (most) of us are perfectly happy, living (and dying) on the plains.

Some (most) of us keep our eyes on the plains and rarely look UP!

Some of us are barely aware that there is a majestic mountain in our midst.

To many, the mountain remains forever hidden in clouds.

Some are blinded by the light and claim there is no mountain.

A grapevine tells of GOD, living on the mountain top.

Some of us, with VISION, have seen and admire the mountain - from a distance.

Some of us have decided to CLIMB the mountain - for a better view.

MANY paths lead up the mountain - ALL of them are arduous.

Many weak climbers without a Guide, perish - or decide to return to the plains.

Many unprepared climbers get lost - or frostbite - or break a leg.

Some climbers discover mountain meadows and refreshing lakes.

Some put up their tents or camps there and remain on a pleasant plateau.

Large camps are clustered along the many paths and on the plateaus.

The camps are named for the many groups of climbers, including:

(they live in all the camps)
"Roman Catholics"

Those campers still carry some beloved baggage.

Only a few climbers leave EVERYTHING behind to reach GOD.
These are called "Overcomers" and "Sons of Light".

They meet GOD - and never look back!


At some point well below the summit,
ALL the paths converge into ONE.
A sign is posted there on a CROSS, which proclaims:

"I AM the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE.
NO ONE comes to the FATHER except through ME!"

It's signed:
"Jesus the Christ,
Son of GOD!"
ALL baggage must be left at the foot of the CROSS
before ANYONE can enter Christ's WAY!

The LAST MILE on Christ's WAY
can be the most difficult of the entire journey.


An ALIEN RACE haunts the plains and the slopes.

The Devil and his demons try to DECEIVE the climbers
and prevent them from reaching GOD.

The Devil has recruited Camp Guides to lead people astray.

Christians follow PASTORS or TV EVANGELISTS.
(instead of Jesus the Christ)
Roman Catholics follow the POPE.
(instead of Jesus the Christ)
Muslims follow MOHAMED.
(instead of Jesus the Christ)
Buddhists follow BUDDHA.
(instead of Jesus the Christ)
Jews follow RABBIS.
(instead of Jesus the Christ, aka the MESSIAH)
Hindus follow KRISHNA, et al.
(instead of Jesus the Christ)

Various Guide Books have been written by men.
ONLY the HOLY BIBLE is GOD's authenticated Guide Book.

GOD helps everyone who tries to climb His HOLY mountain!

It's called

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