Friday, June 5, 2009

Buchenwald and GAZA

Can you count to 666?

ObamaRahm-a is doing his Zionist-mandated duty in visiting Buchenwald. Buchenwald (or any other Nazi-era Concentration Camp) is NOT proof of the 'Holocaust' (a Zionist-fabricated MYTH in many respects). However, Gaza IS living (and DYING) proof of the Israeli ZioNazi Holocaust and Genocide of Palestinians! Wonder why ObamaRahm-a isn't visiting Gaza and DENOUNCING the Israeli ZioNazis for setting up and maintaining the GAZA DEATH CAMP? If you study this Blog, it will become clear to you why ObamaRahm-a is following the ZioNazi Party line with his recent visit to Buchenwald. "The Holocaust Industry" is alive and well and getting (continuing) support from the long string of Zionist-appointed American presidents. How DUMB does ObamaRahm-s think Americans are to continue to fall for this diabolical WMD (Weapon of Mass Deception) LIE? Does he really think the Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims in the Middle East are falling for his diabolical DECEPTION, while the GAZA CONCENTRATION CAMP is allowed to exist? The world has your 'NUMBER', Baraka ObamaRahm-a (June 5 - 'Obama') - and it's 666! The 'GREAT DECEIVER' (Satan) has made another convert with delusions of grandeur and 'godhood' (June article) and enthroned him in the WH Temple, occult Monument and Orifice of the Alien Race.

White phosphor, raining down in the Israeli-run GAZA Death Camp

Remember, folks, the REAL HOLOCAUST, delivered by Yahweh,
is yet to arrive (SOON!)
in "New Khazaria" (Israel)
Ezekiel 22:20

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