Thursday, June 4, 2009

The POWER of the Testimony of Jesus

Beloved of the Lord,

Is not the Lord Himself our Light and our Salvation, and the very Strength of our life? Whom shall we fear, and of what shall we be afraid? His might is ours. Think of it! If God be thus for us, let us measure the thing that can be against us: "He uttered His voice: the earth melted." Nothing can stand before the confession of our God. His Voice is heard in the heart-testimony of the weakest saint, for none can say, "Jesus is Lord!" except by the Holy Ghost. It is therefore the Holy Spirit that then speaks. This is "The Testimony of Jesus" before which Satan is overthrown.

And the Strength is within: "I in you"; He shall be in you. It was this indwelling of God by the Holy Spirit that enabled Paul to spiritually boast, "I can do all things through Christ Who in-strengtheneth me!" His ministry also was according to the in-working of this Strength: "according to His power which worketh in me mightily." The resources of God therefore wait at the heart of those who dare believe.

Strength was wont to come out of Zion, from the sanctuary. There the glory of the Lord was revealed: "O Thou, Who dwellest between the cherubim, shine forth!" But now it is as from within the spirit of His own redeemed, whom He hath chosen for His habitation, would God reveal Himself; and strength, authority, and power are within the believing heart, as we open it on the heavenward side to Him Whom our soul loves. The resources of heaven wait at your door, believing child of God!

So in the darkness, here is the Light, for it is the light of an indwelling Life according to His promise: "He that followeth Me, shall not walk in darkness; but shall have the light of Life."

And, again, in our weakness (so readily acknowledged, Lord!) here is our Strength. The very Might of God is in these feeble but believing hearts. We will not be intimidated by all the wrath and fury of the adversary; neither are we dismayed by the palpable ineffectiveness of our own resources, for He Who is stronger than the strong, has come in to abide with us. Our weakness but affords a richer opportunity for God's grace, and the occasion shall enhance His glory.

The key-stronghold to all the land of promise, Jericho, collapses to the mere shout of a patient, but proclaiming, faith. But your faith must have a voice. Say it! Let the redeemed of the Lord say so! It is the "utterance" of faith that stands to the faithfulness of a covenant-keeping God (and what assurance has He not given in the blood of the Cross?) that turns the battle at the gate.

So we have proved it throughout this past year, whether in light or shadow, and pass the testimony on that the New Year may be faced with courage. Who can tell what it may bring forth? But for us who dare believe it must, and shall, bring forth the glory of God.

(from Theodore Austin-Sparks - January, 1927)

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