Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Vicious Slimy Reptilian Zionist Shill

That Ultra Zionist Shill Karl Denninger is showing his TRUE COLORS once again in today's rant about one of MILLIONS of VICTIMS of the Zionist-engineered Credit Bubble, Housing Crisis and Grand Depression - Massive Unemployment (No more Mr. Nice Guy). The history of the Credit Bubble ("Death by 1000 Cuts"), DELIBERATELY engineered by that Zionist Sorcerer Sir Alan Greenspan and perpetuated by his Apprentice Whirly Ben Bernanke, is a history of ENTRAPMENT and DECEPTION (think of the Devil in the Garden of Eden, enticing and deceiving Eve with that lovely looking but POISONOUS apple). Absurd Credit was given by Banks and Credit Card companies to millions of people (Subprime and other borrowers) who were KNOWN to Banks as extremely POOR Credit risks. Those greedy Zionist Banksters KNEW that those poor folks would eventually DEFAULT, BUT they gave them the loans and ridiculous credit lines anyway because they wanted to collect their FEES - and BANKRUPT America in due time. Remember, folks, the diabolical Zionist Slimeballs who did this are EXPERTS of the Great Depression - they KNEW what would INEVITABLY happen (and will CONTINUE to happen) - to MILLIONS of hapless borrowers. The ENTIRE GREEDY Real Estate and financial industry was 'IN' on this DECEPTION! Zionist Shills like Karl D will try to put the blame for 'Financial Armageddon' on anyone EXCEPT those responsible: ZIONIST SLIMEBALLS GALORE and their "Auslege" GOY Stooges (Paulson, Bush, etc.)

The Zionist Slimeball LOAN SHARKS are determined to put all of America

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