Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Human Slavery and the Alien Race

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If you've studied this Blog and my website thoroughly, a collection of pieces of The Puzzle has been placed into your brain, whether you 'KNOW' it or not. Your SUB CONSCIENCE KNOWS! Depending upon the degree of brainwashing to which you have been subjected throughout your life, these pieces of The Puzzle, although now present in your brain, may not have been put together in your CONSCIOUSNESS - yet. A Documentary has been made about the history of mankind and the Alien Race, which, perhaps unwittingly, visually connects several of these pieces and may help you to SEE! what I have been documenting in this Blog and on my website. The Documentary is called "Baraka". See it to help you penetrate the carefully woven veil of human history and the Alien Race. You will see many more Orifices of the Alien Race - since the beginning of Man - and may SEE! them more clearly. Humanity has been ENSLAVED for eons by the Alien Race. Their temples and their 'Signature' (VIOLENCE and DEATH) are strewn throughout human civilizations. Remember 'Negative Spiritual Energy' - it's what THEY LIVE! on - HERE and NOW! CONNECT the BLOODY BLOBS! DECEPTION is the name of their (deadly) GAME - think Mossad and Zionist-controlled MainStream Media.


is the Biggest and Bloodiest Blob THREAT to Humanity

"You shall know the Truth
and the Truth will make you free"

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