Saturday, March 6, 2010

Going HOME!

If you are able to look past the MSM deceptions and nonsense about economic 'Recovery', you will realize that the DESTRUCTION of America and the world as we know it, plotted by Zionist Slimeballs for DECADES, is steadily advancing at an accelerating pace. More and more people are beginning to realize that the 'Official' COVER-UPS (of 911 and the GRAND DEPRESSION, for example) cannot be sustained by the Zionist-controlled MSM for much longer. CRACKS are appearing everywhere (including the entire planet) and are getting BIGGER and BIGGER and pretty soon the Zionist Slimeballs will be forced to resort to EXTREME MEASURES in an attempt to prevent a Global Revolution of Humanity. 911-II is getting CLOSER and CLOSER and will trigger the Global Police State (Zionist New World Order). Global Economic Collapse (the DEBT STAR NOVA) is becoming a self-evident part of this scenario.

Some people will not become part of the GLOBAL OMELET cooked up by the Zionist Slimeballs but will be HEADING HOME to Eternal Safety and Salvation BEFORE TSHTF. Learn about God's OVERCOMERS and their Final Journey in a previous post.

It will be a REAL TRIP!

"Death, where is thy sting?"

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