Friday, March 5, 2010

Location-Location-Location (UNDERWATER)

We've heard it said by RE industry gurus that the 3 most important factors affecting RE value are Location, Location and Location. Conservative estimates are that about 40% of all residential mortgages in America are UNDERWATER - the mortgage balance exceeds the market value. With an estimated 25+ MILLION Americans either UNEMPLOYED or UNDEREMPLOYED (forget about the BLS BS) and GROWING, we can expect the percentage of UNDERWATER mortgages to keep bubbling UP and UP and UP! In an economy where 70% of real GDP comes from Consumer Purchases, we can confidently expect the American economy to TANK! A similar situation exists in the Commercial RE market, where the Vacancy Rate is skyrocketing and $BILLIONS in Bubble Mortgages must be refinanced in the next couple of years, with nary a solvent commercial tenant in sight. Here are 3 new keywords for the American RE industry:

DIVE! DIVE! DIVE!Gardeners in the new American UNDERWATER world!

And who do Americans have to thank for all this wetness?The NEW Zionist UNDER(WATER)TAKING!
THEY! are America's UNDERTAKERS!

Ever notice the number 13 everywhere (stars, stripes, arrows)?
The number 13 represents SATAN!
Who calls America the GREAT SATAN?
What's ObamaRahm-a's favorite number?Get it??? (Click on my head)

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