Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"Deepwater Horizon" FOLLY

The Zionist-controlled PTB want you to believe that this box can contain the Oil Spill, now polluting the Gulf of Mexico and destroying an untold number of livelihoods. This FUTILE enterprise has all the hallmarks of the Tower of Babel. If a weed can grow through concrete, given enough time, do you really believe that a steel box, lowered over the wellhead, can contain the Spill? DON'T BET ON IT! Given enough time and PRESSURE, the oil will seep through any crack or crevice and find its way into open water and to the surface. The well will stop leaking ONLY when the pressure drops sufficiently to stop the remaining oil from pushing its way out! "Wormwood", anyone?

What we have here is another example of the FOLLY and ARROGANCE of Man. Do Chernoble, "Challenger", "Ebola" and other FOLLIES ring a bell? They should! The next FOLLY-TO-DIE-FOR, waiting in the wings, is the CERN LHC! - conjuring up a BLACK HOLE. Meanwhile, Humanity is letting the Zionist Slimeballs get away with MURDER and MAYHEM and the DESTRUCTION of America and Humanity (911, the GRAND DEPRESSION, the Gaza GULAG, etc. - SEE! ZIONIST CRIMES for a long list).

ObamaRahm-a's "will not cower in fear" comment about the Times Square "Incident" conjures up the very idea he is apparently rejecting - FEAR! Stay tuned for more Federal FEAR (and TERROR) mongering! The coming "Terror" will be of Zionist origin - aided and abetted by their Zionist STOOGES in the WH and CONgress and the Zionist-controlled MSM - just like...

"There will be gnashing of teeth"
and lotsa

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