Monday, May 3, 2010

Feeding the PIIGS+

A bunch of Bankrupt Banksters and the IMF (also Bankrupt) have magnanimously decided to BAIL OUT the PIIGS, starting with Greece, for a cool $146BILLION (for STARTERS). In the coming weeks, Portugal, Spain, Ireland and Italy will also have to be BAILED OUT, adding up to an even more cool $1TRILLION TOTAL, considering the size of their relative economies and TOTAL DEBT. Hot on the heels of these BAILOUTS will be the UK and France, not to mention all those Bankrupt Eurozone peripheral countries like Latvia, Hungary, Romania, etc. Who, do you suppose, has all these HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of BAILOUT MONEY, stashed away in their PIIGGY BANK? (the second "G" stands for Germany). Not only that, how are all those Bankrupt Sovereigns with all that (NEW and OLD) DEBT EVER gonna REPAY that DEBT, with the inevitable INTEREST added at very high JUNK GRADE RATES? NEVER, you wisely surmise??? Besides that, the Economies of all those countries are TOAST! (unbuttered).

FLASH! May 3 (Bloomberg) -- The European Central Bank joined the international rescue of Greece, saying it would indefinitely accept the country’s debt as collateral regardless of its country’s credit rating. (This means that the Euro and ENTIRE EU will now be headed for the ABYSS as well! Think of today's ECB action as spawning Greece as a BLACK HOLE which will devour all of Europe.)

Not only is America headed for the ABYSS*, the ENTIRE WESTERN WORLD (except Israel - SURPRISE!) is headed for the ABYSS! As THEY! say in Tel Aviv with Satanic GLEE:

* Please NOTE that Devaluation of the US$ is NOT the ONLY way for America to get out of its DEBT DILEMMA. When (NOT IF!) America DEFAULTS on its MONSTROUS DEBT, the DEBT HOLDERS (China, Japan, Germany and other Sovereigns and Institutional Investors) will simply get SCREWED - America is so very SORRY! None of them is likely to start a war with America and win it! DEBT CAN be MELTED DOWN TO NOTHING with a few well-placed nukes (Zionist Israel ALREADY has a few "well-placed" nukes to execute its "Samson Option"). Other Options are (2) Sell the "Family Silver" (Alaska, Hawaii, National Parks, Disneyland, California, Florida, Texas, NASA, etc.) and (3) Back all DEBT with GOLD - priced at around $250,000/ounce. However, we all know that ARMAGEDDON is INEVITABLE and the Option preferred by Zionist Slimeballs to create their New World Order!

"Ashes, ashes - we ALL fall down!"

Of course, Zionist Israel can look forward to its very own
Ezekiel 22:20

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