Monday, July 5, 2010

The (SCARY) truth about DWH

What's it all about, BP???
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GodSend said...

I usually don't publish comments like this one but I'm making an exception to expose who THEY (their authors) are.

Here's an example of a Zionist Shill and their typical response to truth. The word 'Jew' is intentionally substituted for 'Zionist' because THEY want to make these words synonymous. Then THEY use ad hominem attacks ('crazy nut job') because THEY dare not enter into a rational discussion of facts. Then THEY intentionally use non-sequeteurs as part of the favorite DECEPTION technique.

A key fact of my Blogs here is that Zionism (Nazism) is SATANIC. The work of the Devil is expressed in other events (such as the DWH catastrophe) and through people who are also Satanists but not Zionists (members of the 'Skull & Bones' society - Bush-it - for example).

Finally, Zionist Shills generally prefer to remain anonymous (like this one), even though the 'higher-grade' specimens (like Karl Denninger and Mike Shedlock) disclose their true identity. The latter are far more dangerous than the nameless low-grade specimens.