Sunday, August 8, 2010

State Pensions: WAKE-UP Call!

One of my FAVORITE ULTRA Zionist Shills has a bit of BAD NEWS today for all those GROSSLY OVERPAID State and Municipal government SYCOPHANTS who have been feeding at the public trough for their whole, wasted lives. You can find similar sentiments on the Blog of that other SUPER Zionist Shill, "Knish-Mish" Mike Shedlock. When it comes to Zionist Shills, these 2 guys are TOPS! They've got America's FINANCIAL MESS all figured out but the word "Zionist" NEVER slips out of their mouths!

Remember, folks, it's the NASTY Zionist Slimeballs who got America into this MESS (INTENTIONALLY!) and who are digging the hole America is in, DEEPER and DEEPER with each Dollar of "Funny Money", dropped by the $Trillions from Whirly Ben's helicopter (MORE COMING SOON!). The only FINANCIAL CRIMINAL worse than Bernanke is his Sorcerer Master, Sir Alan Greenspan, who administered "Death by 1000 Cuts" to America when he put the axe to interest rates and blew the biggest REAL ESTATE BUBBLE the world has ever seen - or will ever see again! Tax Cheat Tim (Geithner), Secretary of the Treasury (would you believe?!), gets "Dishonorable Mention" as FINANCIAL CRIMINAL #3! And YES, ObamaRahm-a is the Goy Zionist STOOGE who has kept 2 of the 3 Zionist Slimeball FINANCIAL CRIMINALS in Office at the FED! That makes him a CRIMINAL AND TRAITOR TO AMERICA! Did I mention his recent appointments of 2 Zionist Perverts to the Supreme Court? (SEE! previous post).


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