Monday, September 13, 2010

Elections: Republican vs Democratic Zionists!

When it comes to American "Elections",
the only party that ever wins is the...


"I have loyalties which are greater than my party!"
Joseph Lieberman - Republican, Democrat, Independent ZIONIST!
Loyal to the Foreign, Rogue State of Zionist Israel,
America's #1 ENEMY - THEY DID 911!



gurnygob said...

I did not come here to bash you but to let you know a thing or two about my self. I hope you can respond to me without insulting me.
First off I know Jesus the Christ very well. I spent 7 years with a Christian lay community that practiced a daily prayer routine covering several hours of verbal prayer including one hour of silent meditative prayer. In addition to this we fasted 2 days a week on bread and water. We lived by the rule of love which might sound simple to you but when you are faced daily with having to die to your own feeling and opinions in place of others you get a good idea of what it’s like to die-to-self for love of Christ. I am not boasting about any of this but just letting you know my back ground. Before joining the Lay community I was part of an all male charismatic prayer group in the heart of west Belfast for 4 years, the first of its kind. I have done the life in the spirit seminars more that once. I have read the bible quite extensively mostly the New Testament. I have had deep spiritual experiences that have proved to me that Jesus died on the cross to save me and in one in particular I had what I can only explain as a baptism in the actual blood of Christ that shook me to the core of my being.

To say that I am clueless of what it means to be a follower of Christ is unfair. If you had read my comment right you would have noticed that I was promoting “Thee Christ” and always do when the opportunity arises.
I am a Catholic though not in the official sense as I no longer go to mass or receive the sacraments. This was not an easy decision for me to make.

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gurnygob said...

You speak of love, as expressed by me, as if I were some tree hugger or sentimental 60s hippy. I am neither. I take the words of Jesus Christ very seriously. “love one another as I have loved you” and try to put it into practise in my life and dealings with others. I am not seeking to start my own brand of religion but what I am trying to do is find the truth, the whole truth. There have been many great men and women over the span of Christianity who have went against the grain and would have been accused of the very same thing you are accusing me of and if you are not a roman Catholic then the chances are you belong to one of their branches of Christianity. So why point the finger at me.
Christ said seek the truth, that’s all I am trying to do. I could go on blindly following the crowd but my love for Christ and truth compels me to look deeper. All of my life Christ has been taught to me as someone who is on the altar or in heaven or on the cross or some other outward place. I have come to believe that he, his spirit, is in side of me. He is a part of me. His spirit is in me. The kingdom is within me.
Pope John Paul 2 alluded to this way back at the beginning of his ministry but few recognised it and the church and the Christian world, I believe, missed a great opportunity.

Please read my words and you will see that I am sincere about my love for Christ.
I commend you for trying to promote Christ but I can not recommend your approach.
People these days don’t listen to the “turn or burn” dictum of the past. When I comment over a Les’s place I do so in a way that people will see Christ as someone they can get to know in a real personal way. I speak of love so much because that’s what Christ is. He is Love and real love is Truth, the two are inseparable. If he is not love then why did he give himself on the cross for us? What else, other than love, would cause a man to lay down his life for his friends? What else, other than love, would cause a Father to offer his own beloved son as a Scarface for our sins?

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gurnygob said...

I have a 20” crucifix at home with a very boldly Jesus hanging on it that reminds me daily of his sacrifice and what he went through for me. I turn to it every day and ask his forgiveness for my sins. I have been to confession many times in my life and professed my sins in deep humility to a priest. When was the last time you humiliated your self by repeating your deepest sins in front of another man? Please don’t tell me about humility. I have lived with it all my life. I lie down at night in my bed and plead with Christ to forgive me for any offence I may have caused him and others in the course of my day and ask him to spare me another day to know him.

You did on me what you do on others over at Les’ site and you did it without even knowing me. Well now you know some things about me now and I know nothing of you. Maybe you would like to share your journey with Christ with me; I would like to hear it.
I do not condemn you. I just can’t see how you can give Christ to others by telling them they will burn in hell if they don’t believe your view of what Christ said.
Godsend I have to say this. If Christ came for the first time ever, this very day, he would be hanging around with Les and the others and he would be shunning us, so-called Christians.

You said that I was not your brother in Christ so I won’t insult you. However I am always open to forgiveness so if you want my forgiveness all you have to do is ask.
Ps. my email is you are more that welcome to contact me any time.
Pps I will read T. Austin-Sparks and let you know what I think.

gurnygob said...

you may publish these comments.

GodSend said...


Thanks for your comments.

You've said a lot but let me cut to the quick.

If I read your comments on Les' Blog correctly, you stated there that your 'religion' is not belief in Christ and that salvation only comes through His redeeming blood but that love is the great universal force which unites all and saves all - including Hindus, Buddhists, etc., even if they do not believe in Christ.

That belief is contrary to Christ's teaching as expressed through His words in Holy Scripture. It is apostasy!

The explicit declaration of a believer in the redeeming power of Christ's blood and the declaration that Christ is God and Savior is MANDATORY for Salvation. God is love, true, but loving your fellow human being is NOT tantamount to Salvation! God's love is (more or less) expressed to and contained within every human being.

Hindus, Buddhists, Taoists and even atheists and agnostics can express love and be moral and ethical (to a degree but ALL fall short of the perfection of Christ) but that does not "buy" them Salvation.

Sincerity is not sufficient to expound Christian doctrine. Spiritual awakening and understanding - Christ-Consciousness (given by God through Grace) MUST be followed by (NOT preceded by) study of God's Word. Not all who say "Lord, Lord..." will be saved. God (Christ) may respond: "I never knew you", if that is the case!

Remember this: For a true follower of Christ, He is the Alpha and the Omega and the entire history and future of the world and humanity is bound up in His Person. He is ALL and in ALL. All of Creation is groaning for His return and release from the bondage of Satan and death.

Christ must be proclaimed and Christ's preeminence in all things - past, present and future. Love is obtained from and through Him - but Salvation CANNOT be obtained apart from Him. Love, alone, is not enough!

So, if you are indeed a true follower of Christ, you will proclaim Christ first and foremost - and love as a consequence of God's Grace.

"NO ONE comes to the Father except through Me" is what Christ said. He did NOT say: "Everyone comes to the Father who is filled with love for his fellow man".

Do you understand the profound difference?

No, I am not a Catholic! I believe that the Pope and Catholicism are a deception of the Devil. See my website for the explanation - be sure to study all the links.

GodSend said...

PS "I have been crucified with Christ" is a prerequisite to Salvation. Your "abominable SELF" must be sacrificed at the foot of Christ's Cross! Love precedes as well as follows.

GodSend said...

As for Les' latest comments about me and banning me - they are LIES! I did not send him to Hell - I suggested that he proceed to his Nirvana and take along gifts for his elephant-headed and 8-armed "Lords", Krishna and Shiva. My comments were humorous - not "vicious". Poor Les just can't stomach Truth when he finds it "inconvenient" for his weirdo beliefs.

Re. your last comment there about me not being sinless and therefore also condemned. You seem to lack understanding of the very basics of Christianity. When you are a follower of Christ and confess your sins (before Him - not necessarily in a Catholic "sin bin" to a "priest), you are FORGIVEN (SINLESS). That is what Christ's blood accomplishes!!! Why can't you get this???

GodSend said...


This may come as a shock to you but Les is a Luciferian - of the hallucinating Hindu variety. He consumes mind-altering mushrooms, berries and various drugs and thinks the trips he goes on as a consequence are trips of true enlightenment. That is pure and unadulterated occult BS! He dabbles extensively in the occult and calls it "Divinity". When I put him to the point of the sword of God's Word, he resorts to personal attacks of name-calling and lies.

He has a gift for assembling words and we actually have an important point of agreement about the evil of Zionism.

He caters to a cult following of like-minded Hindus and other mushroom-eating "spiritual" weirdos of various persuasions (American native Indian, I believe). If you want to know the truth, Les Visible is all about "Smoke & Mirrors"! ;)

He has been itching to ban me from his Blogs for quite some time and finally did today when the truth became too painful for him to endure any longer. I consider that a victory for truth! :)

GodSend said...


Re. your last comment submitted here (not worth publishing):

Where have I condemned anyone to "Burn in Hell"? Nowhere! If anything, I have pointed out that rejection of Christ to the point of death will result in eternal separation from God - that is Scriptural. You are making things up - like Les and his herd of swine!

I do not condemn - the Word of God and the rebellious actions and blasphemy of human beings condemns! They condemn themselves by rejecting the only true God (Jesus the Christ - God's Son, God the Father and God the Holy Spirit).

The ground I stand on against all comers is Holy ground, established by God in His Word! If you want to be a follower of Jesus the Christ, you had better learn it BEFORE you open your mouth.

Les' Blogs and many others I visit are "Enemy Territory". I go there to engage the Devil and his worshipers in spiritual warfare and to EXPOSE them and their deceptions! I use the sword of God's Word to cut them to pieces - figuratively speaking, of course. Only God can save people (in His own way - usually with a heavenly 2x4) - I don't presume to get in His way.

Your "Love is all you need" hymn sounds like a Beatles song and will lead people down the garden path to destruction. "Christ's blood is all you need" has real power. Learn to sing that one. If it offends people (and it will), too bad!

It's Christ's blood that saves us - not love!

You try to be a "nice fellow" with your love siren song. Forget it! I provided a T. Austin-Sparks link ("As for a Sign") on Les' Blog. Go there and STUDY that message. Then you will begin to understand why those who deliver Christ's message will be persecuted - not liked by people who hear it!

"If they persecuted Me, they will also persecute you." Is the Pope persecuted???

Good Luck!