Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Space Shuffle of the GRAND DEPRESSION

If you're still in doubt about the depressing reality of the...


...showing up in the RE Industry, drive around on the newly-paved roads in your neighborhood and have a look at Commercial Real Estate (Malls, Industrial Parks, Downtown Business Districts, Strip Malls, Restaurants, etc.). What you will notice is an endless and constantly growing (like mushrooms) mass of "FOR LEASE" and "NOW LEASING" signs, sprinkled with a liberal dose of residential "FREE RENT" signs. What gives? The Economy is "giving" (SHRINKING) and businesses of all sizes are down-sizing and swapping their current (expensive) space for cheaper space. There is a lot of shuffling activity ("Knish-Mish") but for every new lease and newly occupied space, there remains a larger amount of VACANT SPACE, begging for non-existent new tenants!

Will ObamaRahm-a's Multi$Billion "Stimulus" package of artificial jobs for Union-workers do anything to solve America's GRAND DEPRESSION? Well, it might get him and the Democrats some votes in the upcoming "Elections" (see previous post) but there will be precious LITTLE or NO long-term structural benefits for America's COLLAPSING ECONOMY! Remember, the Zionist Slimeballs who DELIBERATELY caused the GRAND DEPRESSION (the Zionist Sorcerer Greenspan and his Zionist Apprentice Bernanke) are EXPERTS on Depressions and know EXACTLY what THEY did - and what THEY are STILL DOING! (with the help of their "Auslege" Goy STOOGES in the WH, CONgress and the Federal Bureaucracy!)

The DESTRUCTION of the WTC by Israeli (Mossad) Zionists and their Stooges on 911 was symbolic and the Opening Shot of their "WAR ON AMERICA", including America's Economy. The Zionist NWO is waiting in the wings (and ASHES) of America!

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