Friday, January 7, 2011


You've read the recent MSM CNN and FOX HEADLINES:

"2 Million Fish Found Dead in Maryland!"and

"Thousands of Birds Fall Dead from the Sky in Arkansas!"

Well, here's a HEADLINE from the FUTURE:

"A Million People Found Dead in Detroit!"

The Federal Government, et al, Response:

DHS says "It's Normal for this Time of Year!"
EPA says "The Air and Water are Fine - Nothing to Worry About!"
FEMA says "They Didn't Escape from our Camps!"
CDC says "Swine Flu is a Possibility!"
AMA says "We Advise That Everyone Get Their Flu Shot!"
WH says "We're Forming a Black Ribbon Panel to Investigate!"
BS (WH) says "Cool! - THEY kept my Kenyan BC in Detroit!"
JB says "You Don't Have to be Jewish to be from Detroit!"
CONgress says "We're Forming a Bi-Partisan Committee to Investigate!"
JCOS says "We are Shell-Shocked and Awe-Struck!"
NASA says "They Ate Bad Blueberries from Mars!"
FDA says "They Ate BP-Flavored Gulf Shrimp!"
TSA says "Our Mass Body Scanners Were Turned Off!"
CIA says "HAARP Targeting Error Possible!"
PENTAGON says "All Our Drones Are in Afghanistan, Honest!"
AG says "Global Warming Did It!"
RG says "I Can Remove All the Evidence, Real Quick!"
BS says "We Must Sing 'God Bless America' in Every Inning!"
AF says "They Were AntiSemites!"
ADL says "ONLY 6 Million Dead is a Holocaust!"
ZOA says "This is NOT like 911. Israel Didn't Do It!"
CUI says "God (the RAPTURE, Wave #1) Did It!"
BC says "I did NOT Have Sex in That City! - Right, Monica?"
HC says "Like Hell You Didn't!"
ML says (Not Opening Her Mouth with BC Around)
(Sir) AG says "It was Excessive Exuberance and .5% Interest Rates!"
BB says "The Unemployment Rate Will Go Down!"
TG says "They Will Still Have to File Tax Returns!"
MA (State) says "So? - It's Only a Million!"
(Lucky) LS says "I Never Said: PULL IT!"
BM (Hole) says "Do I Still Have to Pay Them Back Billions?"
CP says "They Ate Too Much Yellow Cake!"
CR says "Too Bad - I Got Some Nice Shoes There!"
DR says "Shit Happens!"
DC says "GFY!"
NUMBNUTS says "Al Qaeda Did It!"
OSAMA says (new video) "I Did It!"
BIBI says "It's Good for Israel!"
MOSSAD says "By DECEPTION Thou Shalt Do Detroit!"
AS says (barely audible) "We Used to Control Detroit!"
IDF says "All Our Nuke Subs From Germany Are Near Europe!"
AL (Knesset) says "Our 'Samson Option' was OFF THE TABLE!"
AIPAC says "We have a 20,000 page Patriot Act III Ready to Sign!"
JL (D,R,I-CT) says "Iran Did It - We Must Attack Them NOW!"
(Judge) AH says "They Will ALL Settle Out of (My) Court!"

The MSM (CNN, FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC, BBC, etc.) says

"Iranian Terrorists
Hijacked the Entire El Al Fleet
And Crashed It Into Detroit!"

The FBI says
"All Other Information is CLASSIFIED!"
"All NON-Official Photographs Have Been CONFISCATED!"
"Rudy Giuliani Will Supervise the 'CLEAN-UP'!"
"Rudy is a Proven AH (American Hero)!"

The AS (American Sheeple) say "Bah...Bah...Bah!"
"The Iceman Cometh"


Wanna know the Truth about Detroit?
The Truth is...
JH (John Hagee) and the CUI SPIKED the Kool-Aid in Detroit.
He said that Detroit is only the 1st WAVE (City) of the RAPTURE!
When asked: "Which City is NEXT?", JH replied:
"Only the KNESSET Knows - THEY are the 'CHOSEN PEOPLE'!"
"We Zionist 'Christians' Do Whatever THEY Say!"

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