Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Tucson Tragedy - Reflections

"Powers and Principalities of Darkness in the Heavenlies"
- and their humanoid AGENTS here on Earth (Zionist Slimeballs) -
are REALLY responsible for creating Jared AND his victims.
Jared is also a victim.
Did Americans help to create this "inhuman" person? YES, we did!
(We let those Zionist Slimeballs take CONTROL of America!)
ALL of us will soon be victims, if we do not stop THEM!

All the Militaries in the world form a Global Killing Machine (GKM). The GKM was conceived by the ALIEN RACE. Think of the Military (in whatever country it is present) as a Human Meat Grinder, which the ALIEN RACE uses to FEED ITSELF!

When a thinking and sensitive human being with a conscience, somehow (by appeal to "Patriotism" or dire financial circumstances or lack of opportunities for useful employment) is ENTICED to become a COG in the GKM, inevitable INTERNAL CONFLICT and PRESSURE result - physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual.

When someone is recruited into the Military, the first priority of the Military PTB is to BREAK the will and spirit of each individual and make him/her a COMPLIANT SLAVE, who will blindly follow any orders given. The Marine Corps is infamous for it's EXTREME METHODS of this practice during BOOT CAMP. Psychological, physical and emotional PRESSURE is exerted on the individual - using PEER and D.I. pressure - to BREAK the will and natural resistance. I am now speaking from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. The Military is a CLOSED SYSTEM from which there are few means of ESCAPE - deliberately so! A common survival strategy is to WEATHER THE STORM and internalize the pressure - and find some form of release of that pressure.

The degree of internal pressure is directly proportional to the degree of sensitivity and conscience - and the (im)moral nature of the ORDERS which must be obeyed. Killing other human beings is NOT a natural activity which can be easily reconciled with ANY set of moral values. We all know God's 6th COMMANDMENT: "Thou Shalt Not Kill!"(The exact Hebrew wording of this biblical phrase is lo tirtzack which accurately translates as "any kind of killing whatsoever." )

If there is a high degree of sensitivity, ANY participation in the GKM will be perceived as IMMORAL and cause internal pressure to be built up. You don't have to be a GRUNT, firing at someone. A role in logistics, administration, communication, etc., becomes UNJUSTIFIED and IMMORAL! (Aiding and Abetting the committing of 'legalized' MURDER).

When the internal pressure becomes UNBEARABLE in a highly sensitive individual, and no acceptable release is perceived or available, an EXPLOSIVE and EXTREME release of pressure becomes INEVITABLE.

The pressure release is either INWARD (Suicide) or OUTWARD (Violence against any available target).

The CLOSED SYSTEM of the GKM exists within a CULTure, also created by the ALIEN RACE.

When a moral, sensitive and aware individual, trapped in the GKM, perceives EVIL and CONTRADICTIONS in the overall CULTure, the internal pressure becomes even more EXTREME. The extraordinarily HIGH SUICIDE RATE in the American Military is EVIDENCE of such a condition - and the condition is getting steadily and noticeably WORSE! Most of us know that we are now living in a truly "Orwellian" world of EVIL, DEPRAVITY, LIES and CONTRADICTIONS (Bush-it and ObamaRahm-a governments and 911, for example).

What happened in Tucson is the TRAGIC result of the conditions which have been DELIBERATELY created by the ALIEN RACE! America's leaders have become compliant STOOGES of the AGENTS of the ALIEN RACE (what I call 'Zionist Slimeballs').

Unfortunately, we can expect MANY MORE "Tucson Tragedies" in America until the ALIEN RACE and their AGENTS are ELIMINATED! The GKM must also be ELIMINATED!

"There will be no end to war unless the people themselves refuse to go to war." (Albert Einstein)

SEE! the rest of this Blog and my website for A LOT MORE on the DIRE CONDITION of our world - and for DIRECTIONS on how to obtain the ONLY ANCHOR that will hold in the eye of the storm - already in progress and increasing in INTENSITY. The ANCHOR is...

Jesus the Christ!

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