Friday, October 12, 2007



This Blog has been set up to complement the 'Sons of Light' website ( and to allow discussion of its contents. The risk of virus infections with email correspondence is too great and emails will not be answered.

This Blog will also be used to periodically comment on new pieces of The Puzzle, in addition to or as a substitute for updating the 'Sons of Light' website.

If you're not familiar with the website, I encourage you to visit the site. Be forewarned that it is a VERY LARGE (10+MB) site and will take a VERY long time to download unless you have a fast Internet connection! (DSL or cable modem).

If you have a question about any of the content of the 'Sons of Light' website, you can post it here. If you just want to blow off steam, take a walk into the woods and do it there. If there are no woods in your vicinity, get in your car, close the door and scream to your heart's delight. If you try to do it here, your post will not be seen or heard! - especially if profanities are in evidence.


ericswan said...

It's your blog. You should be leading the debate. So far, nadda.

Maybe a link to what Jesus was about would be a place to start?

You can scrap word verification. You won't be needing it.

GodSend said...

Perhaps I wasn't clear enough in the Introduction. The starting point for discussions here is the Sons of Light website. It is a huge site with enough content for lively discussion for the rest of my life. It contains a certain amount of 'controversial' material in portraying my solution to The Puzzle. At a minimum, any commentator should have read the section 'What Is This Website About', before posting comments here. Many thousands of people have studied (full downloads with extensive examination of much of the content) the website and they have never had the opportunity to bring their viewpoints into a public forum for discussion and my explanations or elaboration. This Blog is intended to give viewers that opportunity.

The Puzzle is not just about Jesus as its central piece. The site deals with many issues that are (should be?) of practical concern to our generation - Bush, America, Zionism, politics, etc. Clearly, the site reflects my view that we are living in the End Times and that the End will occur in the foreseeable future.

So, I don't intend to lead the discussion. I will answer as many serious questions as possible. I will have to be the judge of what is a serious question (or comment) but I intend to post comments that question the content of my website. I don't intend to post profanities and personally abusive comments. There must be a legitimate debating point or argument put forth, and a contrary opinion can be a starting point.

Word verification will stay because there is no length to which certain opponents of my views will go to cause mayhem. I get emails with viruses on a regular basis!

It really doesn't matter to me how active this Blog will become. It's really up to the viewers of my website and my available time. I post on a few other Blogs and intend to continue doing so. I have some messages to deliver and I don't believe in 'preaching to the converted'. I frequent Blogs where my views usually meet a hostile audience. I'm sure I'll receive enough hostility here to hone my skills in patience and delivering my messages clearly and without an excess of emotion. Strong language is OK (calling a spade a shovel) but foul language is not. And life is often humorous. :)

Let the chips (and comments) fall where they may!

GodSend said...

And I love smileys. If anyone knows how to make them available to commentators (and me!) please let me know. I'm a newbie at this game.