Tuesday, January 29, 2008

911 - Israeli moles infesting the MIC

By Deception...

Christopher Bollyn (see Link for his website) is one of the few investigators who has correctly 'solved' the 911 piece of The Puzzle. The solution identifies Israel, the Mossad and their katsas and sayanim, located throughout the American Military Establishment (MIC), including the Pentagon, NORAD and Defense contractors as the 911 planners and perpetrators. The Mossad and Israeli Military Intelligence agency infiltrated not just the American Military but all American 'Intelligence' Agencies, including the NSA, CIA and FBI. They also had/have their moles in the FAA and in just about every other government and private institution in America!

While 911 is only ONE piece of The Puzzle, it's a critically important piece and clearly links Israel and Zionists to the crime committed on 9/11/2001 and meticulously planned years in advance. It represents the justification for the subsequent, illegal Attack and/or Invasion and Occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq to further the interests of "Greater Israel" Zionist fanatics, at the expense of American blood and treasure. The ultimate aim is the 'Balkanization of the Middle East', according to the PNAC blueprint, conjured up by Zionist Neocons. One small step for the Devil, one giant leap for Zionist Israel!

Monday, January 28, 2008

The State of the Union?

On the edge of the Abyss with NO EXIT

How did America get there?

The Devil's "Auslege Goy"

It's a long Zionist story (nightmare),
with the last chapter written by the evil idiot
who will tell us the usual bunch of lies later today.

Thank you, Mr. Bush!

Heart of Darkness

Zionist Money turns the heart Black!

Is Kennedy's judgment worth anything?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Great Tax Rebate Placebo

Know what a placebo is? It's 'medicine' which has NO effect on whatever ails you. What ails the typical American consumer (maybe YOU?). Do you have Credit Card debt? Do you make minimum payments every month? How many Credit Cards do you juggle every month and how do you decide which ones to pay? Do you have a depleted Savings account? Are you behind in your mortgage payment or other payments - like for your health insurance (if you have any) or property taxes? Does the value of your house (if you still have one) still exceed the balance of your mortgage loans, including any equity loans? (if you haven't checked lately, better check it now and again in 6 months and again a year from now). Will your monthly mortgage payment go up soon because the interest rate will reset sometime this year or next? Have you lost any income lately due to a lost job or unemployment benefits that ended? Do you expect to get a big raise soon which will solve all of your financial problems? Could your kids (if you have any) use some financial help? Want to put some flowers on the grave of your dead child, relative or friend who died in Iraq or Afghanistan? Do you know anyone in a military hospital who is recovering from Iraq or Afghanistan wounds and is getting short-changed by the government which sent them there for NO GOOD REASON? Maybe they could use some help from you?

If you're an atypical American and don't face any of those difficulties (yet), Thank God! Consider that you may well become a more typical American before you know it - perhaps as soon as today or tomorrow or sometime this year!

So what will you do with your $600 or $1,200 Rebate check, if it makes any difference to your circumstances? Will it solve ANY of your financial problems? - or will it be just a drop in the bucket of your debts and future obligations?

The Ticking Credit Card Debt Bomb
(almost ONE TRILLION$!)


If you're not going to blow your Rebate check on something you don't need and if you're not going to waste it to keep one of your creditors at bay for another month or so and you really can't think of any needy person who could use your help and you really want to invest that money wisely,

(and put them where you can get at them in 10 seconds)

Spot Gold rose by $23.90 today! (to $907/ounce)

Just think, by the time you get your $600 Rebate check,
(if you're getting one),
you might be able to buy 1/2 ounce of Gold with it -
but don't bet on it!

PS The effect of the Great Tax Rebate on what ails America will be NADA (NOTHING) - it's INTENDED to have NO EFFECT by the Zionists who have been working feverishly to get you and America physically and financially sick-to-death (think of the film 'Sicko' and Greenspan and Bernanke, just for starters). Think you're immune to the many diseases dreamed up and spread by the Zionists - perhaps because you're Jewish and think you're one of THEM? No way, Jose (or Izzy)! In fact, if you're Jewish, you're likely to be in the 'Get Even' sights of 294,000,000 VERY pissed-off Americans as soon as they realize 'Who Did It' to them! They may think all Jews are Zionists. Americans have this tradition of lynchings from the nearest tree or shooting first and asking questions later! (sorta like Bush's innovation of 'preemptive war'). It's in almost EVERYONE'S interest to identify those evil Zionist bastards who are destroying America and trampling on our Constitution - and promptly run them out of the country - to Israel, the Synagogue of Satan. That's where their loyalties lie. The Bush Gov't, its Neocon advisers and Congress will be a good place to start the weeding-out process.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Can the PPT dam a Tsunami of BS?

So here we are - only the 2nd day since Bungling Ben's huge and 'Emergency' 3/4 point interest rate drop and the Plunging Team is deep in it up to their eyeballs! Do the first few minutes of the DJIA on the following chart look like an 'Instant Replay' of yesterday? Is the murky message from the Markets seeping into the muddy minds of the PPT yet? They plunge in vain. There is no Plunger in the world big enough to contain and make the tsunami of BS which our leaders have amassed in their sewers, disappear! The Global Financial Markets are 'Dead Markets - Walking!" Better make that "Dead Markets - Oozing!"

At about 10AM PST:

Collective Voices of the PPT:

"Oh, sh_t! We need a REALLY BIG Plunger now. Who's got one?"

At about 1PM PST:

PPT Leader to Team:

"WOW, Team - Great Plunging! Who got hold of the Sorcerer's Personal Plunger today? Or maybe it was Paulson's Personal Plunger that he brought along from Goldman Sachs!?"

Do not be deceived, folks - the CRASH is a matter of:

Just A Little More Time!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The PPT at work - 'sh_t disappears'

Here is an example of the Plunge Protection Team (PPT) - Zionist Government Market Manipulators - in action after the opening of the DJIA on the morning of Jan. 22, 2008.

The opening-minutes drop of about 465 points is followed by the visible signs of intervention before the Market Indices were published on the CNN Money website! They wanted to reduce the West Coast investor perception of the precipitous Market decline by the time they woke up. Will the 'Emergency' 3/4 point interest rate reduction stave off the (inevitable) collapse of the Global Financial Markets and prevent the (inevitable) Grand Depression? Of course not - it's not really intended to stave off anything but they want to RE-INFLATE the Credit Bubble! Zionist Sorcerer Sir Alan Greenspan and his Zionist Apprentice Whirly Ben Bernanke are EXPERTS on DEPRESSIONS - CAUSING THEM! They and their Israeli Zionist masters want to KILL OFF America for good and forever and then create their New World Order - controlled by Israeli Zionists! (Satanists) and 'Greater Israel' - the Land without Borders.

Stay tuned for further updates of the PPT in action on this 'interesting' and unique day!

At about 8:17AM PST - The PPT is still plunging away (sh_t)!

At about 9AM PST:

West Coast Investor: (Yawn) "Hey, Honey - what's up on Wall St"?

West Coast Honey: "Just a typical DOWN day, Dear. Go back to sleep"

West Coast Investor: "OK, Honey" (Snore)

Unidentified Voice from the PPT:

"Hey, guys - this sh_t seems to be coming back up!"

Another Voice from the PPT:

"Get a bigger Plunger!"

At about 1PM PST:

PPT Leader to the Team:

"OK, boys - that was a great job of plunging today! But keep your Plungers at the ready because there will be more heavy plunging needed in the next few days, weeks and months. Remember, we're here to protect the 'Sheeple' from the tons of sh_t our leaders dump on them every day."

Junior PPT Member:

"Thanks, boss! But will we ever get the stench of sh_t off of us?"

PPT Leader:

"Don't ask stupid questions! Of course not, but wouldn't you rather plunge it than swim in it?!"

Advice to PPT:



The Meltdown of the Financial Markets is just beginning - and it's not just a Recession that's coming, but a Global, Grand Depression of a magnitude far greater than the Great Depression. What's coming is the Deliberate Design of Israeli Zionists, with the Sorcerer Sir Alan Greenspan and his Apprentice Whirly Ben Bernanke leading the destructive charge and mayhem, on instructions from their Israeli Zionist (Satanist) masters. They want a New World Order - America and Humanity be damned - literally!

The infestation of America by Zionists has been achieved according to the Master Plan of Zionism, defined in the 'Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion'. If you're a Goy, especially a Muslim, you are a useless animal in their reptilian eyes and a prime candidate for extermination - like the Palestinians in Israel. A new 'Master Race' has emerged from Nazism and the fake Holocaust, which they have used to blackmail and extort billions from Germany, now also under Zionist control.

All of these events - and many yet to come - have been prophesied on my 'Sons of Light' website for several years! If you're at all curious about things to come and the Solution to The Puzzle, click on the 'Sons of Light' link above and begin to SEE! - the Truth that can make you FREE - at last and forever.

Don't tarry! - Time is running out and will expire in the foreSEEable future! (along with Satan and his horde of demon-possessed Zionists). Who will destroy the 'Great Deceiver' (Satan) and has the Power to save Humanity?

"He will also do it"

Do YOU also have a vital part to play in this ultimate drama?
When the Saints go marching in, YOU want to be in that Number!
YOU have been invited:
"Ask and you shall receive"
('Ask' means 'desperate pleading' or begging)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Yahweh to wipe Israel 'Off the Map'

The only questions are,
exactly WHEN and HOW will He

(Ezekiel 22:20)


Nuclear sabotage at Dimona - Kaboom!
Nuclear accident at Dimona - Kaboom!
American MIRV ICBM - Kaboom!
Russian MIRV ICBM - Kaboom!
Terrorist Nukes - Kaboom!
Mossad 'False-Flag' Nukes - Kaboom!


Comet Coma MELTING
(He's gonna pave Paradise
and put up a Parking lot...)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Shot in the Arm - or in the Head?

BUSH:"By passing a growth package quickly, we can provide a shot in the arm to keep a fundamentally strong economy healthy,"Criminal Doofus

This is the picture of a sick (on drugs and the bottle and who-knows-what-else) and deranged (psychopathic) man who is determined (and cajoled by his Zionist handlers) to lead America into the Abyss. He needs to be removed from Office immediately - for Treason, Crimes against Humanity and Utter Stupidity. 'Criminally Insane' is a good and accurate description. Anti-Christ is even better! Whoever put this man in the WH deserves a fate worse than death. Is MELTING worse than death? Is Tribulation worse than death?

"If you have tears to shed,
prepare to shed them soon"

Friday, January 18, 2008

What is an "Economic Stimulus"?

It is a
for America

concocted by Israeli Zionists
and their 'Auslege Goy'
Axis of Evil

It's only Money!

Masseltoff, America!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Enemy Within....America (and Earth)

Ever wonder about all those nasty dual citizenship Israeli-American Zionists (Neocons) in positions of undue influence or power, who are loyal to the devilish State of Israel and supporters of the "Greater Israel" vision? (better described as 'Humanity's Nightmare'). Are you familiar with the epiphany: 'We have found the enemy - and they are us'!? Well, that's only a legal technicality. Actually, and that means genetically and spiritually, they are NOT us - they are THEM! They just look like us - sort of. Ever see the film "The Body Snatchers"? How about "The Matrix"? How about "THEM"?

Ever hear of planet Nibiru (planet 'X') and the Annunaki? Ever hear of Baalbek and Stargates and the Trilithon? Are you familiar with Zecharia Sitchin and his study of the Sumerian civilization? Think it's all 'way out'? IT IS! If this is all 'News' to you, better do some Google-ing - while there is still Time and an Internet!

Every now and then (a few thousand years), the Outer Oort Cloud is disturbed by the orbit and approach of a large celestial body, which causes swarms of Comets to whiz around in our Solar System - like multiple steel balls in a giant, 3-dimensional pinball machine. It's a story which NASA is not fond of telling. It happened before and explains the strange Desert Glass found in some parts of the Middle East. Things have to get mighty hot before rocks will melt to form Desert Glass - hotter than a nuclear blast, for example. A close approach by a Comet (Coma) would do it! When Yahweh said (Ezekiel 22:20) that He will gather THEM in His Furnace and MELT THEM (the rebellious House of Israel), what and who and where and when (we already know 'why'), do you suppose, He had in Mind? Have you noticed how many 'new' Comets are being discovered as we speak? Does 1 of them have Earth's 'number' on it? Oy veh! (rhymes with Yahweh)

These are all pieces of The Puzzle (SEE! 'Sons of Light' for the Solution)

"The Truth will make you Free"
('The Truth' is mainly a 'Who', more than a 'What')

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

America: The 'Sicko' Society

Have you seen Michael Moore's film "Sicko"? If not, go see it - it will make you sick to your stomach!

America (ALL of it - not just the HMO and medical industry) is controlled by a bunch of devilish, Zionist Sickos!

Those Zi0nist Sickos have infected America with a terminal case of Cancer. This terminal and diabolical form of Cancer is known as Zionism. It threatens to spread to and destroy all of humanity, not just America!

Those Zionists want to make us all sick-to-death!

Is there a Doctor in the House?

For the gory details, see the other posts in this Blog and the 'Sons of Light' website.

Monday, January 14, 2008

More Mortgage Meltdown Misery

Think the Subprime Mortgage Meltdown
is just about over?

Look - And Think Again!
(Brought to us courtesy of Sir Alan Greenspan)

Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews

The Real Enemy of Humanity and of God!

America is on God's Anvil

If you haven't visited David J. Meyer's 'Last Trumpet Ministries' website and read his sermons for 2007 through January, 2008 - go there and read them. The awesome Fury and Anger of God is about to be unleashed on America. The Satanic enemies of Jesus the Christ, the Son of God and Messiah, have been allowed to seize control and they and their abominable values are now firmly embedded throughout every facet of American society - including the worldly system of 'Christianity'! Satan is the "Great Deceiver" and "the god of this world" and nowhere is that more evident than in America. You might well ask, 'Is there any hope for Americans?'

In the midst of the Great Tribulation (2006 - 2012), only the Overcomers within the Body of Christ will be Raptured - say, 144,000.

But, because of God's Amazing Grace,

"Those who call upon the name of the Lord will be saved". ('saved' does not mean 'will survive the Great Tribulation')

"Remember your Creator
the silver cord is loosed"

Friday, January 11, 2008

Zionism Gone Wild!

After Zionists Sir Alan Greenspan and his apprentice Whirly Ben Bernanke intentionally blew a Massive Credit Bubble, which resulted in the Titanic Housing Bubble, the 'remedy' for the planned Housing Crash and the final, lethal injection to totally kill off what's left of the wreckage of the American economy is now being readied. Are you ready for this?

They're going to RE-INFLATE the Credit Bubble - supposedly to avoid the inevitable Grand Depression!
Bungling Ben did it - on Jan. 22, 2008!
(EMERGENCY Interest Rate cut to KILL OFF America)

What will be the (expected) results?

DOUBLE-DIGIT INFLATION (already in excess of 10% for the CPI, after our 'elected officials' in government secretly 'reinvented' the CPI to make 'official' inflation look ridiculously small and screw millions of retirees out of most of their entitled cost-of-living increases).





The intentional destruction of America by Zionism is proceeding as planned - by those 'Jewish People' who control America (Ariel Sharon). Did I mention the hundreds of billions wasted in the phony 'War on Terror' (a Zionist invention) and the hundreds of billions wasted in the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq - all for the benefit of "Greater Israel"?

How about this for a slogan for the American people for 2008:

(that includes all major presidential candidates
except Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The "Greater Fool" theory in action


When you turn around to look for the
'Greater Fool'
to sell your worthless investments to
and find nobody there,
guess who will be the 'Greatest Fool'?

When you stand before God
on His Great White Throne,
will you say to Him:

"There is no God"?

Don't be a Fool!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

"Live Free or Die"

To 'Live Free' will become impossible for all Americans if either of these Zionists are planted in the WH by Israeli sayanim. There is only ONE presidential candidate who is not 'owned' by Israeli Zionists. If Ron Paul doesn't make it into the WH (for whatever reason), don't bother making out a Will! It will be time for the 'or Die' part. If you're in the American Military, prepare to die in the Middle East in the expanding war for "Greater Israel". If you're too old for Goy cannon fodder and stuck in America, prepare to die during the Grand Depression, engineered by the Zionist Sorcerer (Sir Alan Greenspan) and his Zionist Apprentice (Ben Bernanke). If you're an American patriot, prepare to die while watering the tree of American Liberty with your blood or while tortured (legally) in a Halliburton-built (with your tax dollars) American Gulag.

Happy Rampant Election Fraud in 2008!
(we use the Mossad vote-counting method,
first invented by Stalin)

Monday, January 7, 2008

'Provocations' in the Persian Gulf

According to unnamed Pentagon 'officials', Iranian speedboats 'provoked' the US Navy this past weekend - in the Strait of Hormuz and Persian Gulf, about 10 miles from the Iranian coast.
Can you imagine a few Iranian speedboats 'provoking' three US Navy Carrier Groups, armed to the teeth with the destructive (including nuclear) firepower of several times that used during WWII - and cruising within a stone's throw of Iran? Now why would Iran start a 'provocation' with the US Navy, pray tell? They wouldn't! So 'what gives?' with this announcement in the Zionist-controlled MSM (MainStreamMedia) from the Zionist-controlled Pentagon? Who is 'provoking' who?

Would America be provoked if the Russian Navy decided to cruise 10 miles off the East and West Coasts?

Remember the Gulf of Tonkin 'provocation' by North Viet Nam, used as an excuse to escalate the Viet Nam war and bomb North Viet Nam? That was a complete fabrication by the US Navy and MSM.

The inconvenient truth is that Iran has absolutely NO reason to provoke the US Navy. However, do the 3 Carrier Groups represent a provocation to Iran? You betcha!

What's really going on here?

Israel, through its control of America (SEE! previous posts about Ariel Sharon's boast that "We, the Jewish people, control America") and the American MainStreamMedia, is trying to create (fabricate is a better word) an illusory 'provocation' so that a long-planned attack on Iran will not look like the illegal and unprovoked attack which it will be! Shades of illusory Weapons of Mass Destruction which supposedly existed in Iraq. The PNAC plan for "Greater Israel" and 'Balkanization of the Middle East' is alive and well - and ready for the next chapter. That next chapter is eliminating Iran as a supposed threat to Israel.

It's now clear why control of the MSM is Zionism's FIRST priority. It allows the fabrication of whatever false reality they would like to create. Brainwashing the American public is a more accurate description of what is taking place with this phony and ridiculous Pentagon announcement of a 'provocation'.

The more interesting question is:

Will Russia honor its mutual defense arrangement with Iran if and when either Israel or America decides they want to risk starting WWIII by illegally attacking Iran. Of course, some MAJOR diversion will be needed to get Americans' minds off the Zionist-engineered (think Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke) Grand Depression, now on our doorstep!

How stupid do those Zionists think Americans are?


Friday, January 4, 2008

Bush: Anti-Christ; Murderer; Liar; Idiot; Psychopath; Sociopath; etc.

After a disastrous Week #1 for the Financial Markets and a truly ghastly economic outlook for the rest of 2008, this is the great Decider's prognosis:

(the lens caps are on)
What is this Putz and weirdo smoking or drinking (or both)? Maybe he's only talking about the Gold, Silver and Platinum Markets - and PUTs (Options)?

This is the President of the United States? - the most powerful and 'armed-to-the-teeth' (with thousands of nukes) country on Earth and the REALLY BIG Zionist Shill! This is the country of which Ariel Sharon said: "We, the Jewish people, control America and the Americans know it." What are those 'Jewish people' (Zionists) doing to America - our country?!

This, my friends, is the Twilight Zone in which we now live - or, a Collective Nightmare of Orwellian, "1984" dimensions!

Oy veh - may G-d help us!