Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Can the PPT dam a Tsunami of BS?

So here we are - only the 2nd day since Bungling Ben's huge and 'Emergency' 3/4 point interest rate drop and the Plunging Team is deep in it up to their eyeballs! Do the first few minutes of the DJIA on the following chart look like an 'Instant Replay' of yesterday? Is the murky message from the Markets seeping into the muddy minds of the PPT yet? They plunge in vain. There is no Plunger in the world big enough to contain and make the tsunami of BS which our leaders have amassed in their sewers, disappear! The Global Financial Markets are 'Dead Markets - Walking!" Better make that "Dead Markets - Oozing!"

At about 10AM PST:

Collective Voices of the PPT:

"Oh, sh_t! We need a REALLY BIG Plunger now. Who's got one?"

At about 1PM PST:

PPT Leader to Team:

"WOW, Team - Great Plunging! Who got hold of the Sorcerer's Personal Plunger today? Or maybe it was Paulson's Personal Plunger that he brought along from Goldman Sachs!?"

Do not be deceived, folks - the CRASH is a matter of:

Just A Little More Time!

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