Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Great Tax Rebate Placebo

Know what a placebo is? It's 'medicine' which has NO effect on whatever ails you. What ails the typical American consumer (maybe YOU?). Do you have Credit Card debt? Do you make minimum payments every month? How many Credit Cards do you juggle every month and how do you decide which ones to pay? Do you have a depleted Savings account? Are you behind in your mortgage payment or other payments - like for your health insurance (if you have any) or property taxes? Does the value of your house (if you still have one) still exceed the balance of your mortgage loans, including any equity loans? (if you haven't checked lately, better check it now and again in 6 months and again a year from now). Will your monthly mortgage payment go up soon because the interest rate will reset sometime this year or next? Have you lost any income lately due to a lost job or unemployment benefits that ended? Do you expect to get a big raise soon which will solve all of your financial problems? Could your kids (if you have any) use some financial help? Want to put some flowers on the grave of your dead child, relative or friend who died in Iraq or Afghanistan? Do you know anyone in a military hospital who is recovering from Iraq or Afghanistan wounds and is getting short-changed by the government which sent them there for NO GOOD REASON? Maybe they could use some help from you?

If you're an atypical American and don't face any of those difficulties (yet), Thank God! Consider that you may well become a more typical American before you know it - perhaps as soon as today or tomorrow or sometime this year!

So what will you do with your $600 or $1,200 Rebate check, if it makes any difference to your circumstances? Will it solve ANY of your financial problems? - or will it be just a drop in the bucket of your debts and future obligations?

The Ticking Credit Card Debt Bomb
(almost ONE TRILLION$!)


If you're not going to blow your Rebate check on something you don't need and if you're not going to waste it to keep one of your creditors at bay for another month or so and you really can't think of any needy person who could use your help and you really want to invest that money wisely,

(and put them where you can get at them in 10 seconds)

Spot Gold rose by $23.90 today! (to $907/ounce)

Just think, by the time you get your $600 Rebate check,
(if you're getting one),
you might be able to buy 1/2 ounce of Gold with it -
but don't bet on it!

PS The effect of the Great Tax Rebate on what ails America will be NADA (NOTHING) - it's INTENDED to have NO EFFECT by the Zionists who have been working feverishly to get you and America physically and financially sick-to-death (think of the film 'Sicko' and Greenspan and Bernanke, just for starters). Think you're immune to the many diseases dreamed up and spread by the Zionists - perhaps because you're Jewish and think you're one of THEM? No way, Jose (or Izzy)! In fact, if you're Jewish, you're likely to be in the 'Get Even' sights of 294,000,000 VERY pissed-off Americans as soon as they realize 'Who Did It' to them! They may think all Jews are Zionists. Americans have this tradition of lynchings from the nearest tree or shooting first and asking questions later! (sorta like Bush's innovation of 'preemptive war'). It's in almost EVERYONE'S interest to identify those evil Zionist bastards who are destroying America and trampling on our Constitution - and promptly run them out of the country - to Israel, the Synagogue of Satan. That's where their loyalties lie. The Bush Gov't, its Neocon advisers and Congress will be a good place to start the weeding-out process.

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