Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The 'Protocols of Zion' and the Media

The MainStreamMedia (MSM)
Public Enemy #1!

Perhaps you've heard of 'The Controversy of Zion' (Douglas Reed) and the 'Protocols' of the Learned Elders of Zion? (available on-line). Perhaps you've listened to Benjamin Freedman's 1961 and 1974 speeches (also available on-line) about the agenda of Zionism? Perhaps you've studied the and Neturei Karta International and Ziopedia websites? Perhaps you've picked up similar pieces of The Puzzle elsewhere?

If you've done any of those things, you will know that gaining control of the Media has been (and still is) the 1st priority of Zionism. Do you realize that this critically important Zionist objective has just about been accomplished? SEE! a previous post about some of the Zionists who control the Media.

If that information comes as 'News' to you, you have not been paying attention to who has seized control of the Media and the poisonous and mind-numbing 'messages' which are being propagated every day. Can you say: Lies, Deception, Omission and Trivia? Can you say: Personality Cults and Worship? Can you say: Debasing and Demoralizing Values? Can you say: Bashing God and Christ? Can you say: 'Official' 9/11 Cover-up?

The Devil and his followers (and others) have seized the Media and it is being used to 'dumb down' Americans and humanity. How serious is this phenomenon? It is DEADLY!

Unless the Media is freed from Zionist control and soon, Americans and humanity will be enslaved in the Zionist New World Order. If you're close to retirement, you can look forward to retiring in one of those Halliburton-built gulags! If you're younger, you can look forward to being maimed or killed in a future war for "Greater Israel" - or spending the rest of your life in slavery. The latest chapter of this gruesome story foretold in the 'Protocols' started with 9/11! The next chapter (in progress) is the Grand Depression. The Media will announce: The American economy is doing just great! (while the US$ is collapsing in front of our eyes and many Americans live out of dumpsters). Yes, it is an Orwellian scenario! "1984" is finally arriving - a little late!

The Zionist Matrix has you!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Is there a Doctor in the House?

America is on life-support with a near-terminal case of the Cancer of Zionism and needs a Doctor who is qualified and willing to perform Emergency surgery to remove this malicious growth. What must be 'cut out' from the tortured and suffering body of America includes the Federal Reserve Bank and all Zionists in positions of influence, including but not limited to Zionist agents (sayanim) who control Domestic as well as Foreign policy, main political parties (Republicans and Democrats), Government Agencies (especially 'Intelligence' types - like the CIA, NSA, FBI and Pentagon), Foundations and 'Think Tanks' (including Academia), Corporate America (including the MIC: Military-Industrial Complex), and, most important of all, the MainStreamMedia - MSM (including TV networks, newspapers, magazines, book publishers, the Internet and 'Hollywood'). How about Arnon Milchan, Sumner Rotstein (Redstone), Edgar Bronfman, Jr. and that master of Yellow (Tabloid) Journalism - Rupert Murdoch! (and that's just for starters). Whatever infestation has succeeded under the 'Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion' Instruction Manual, must be surgically removed and safely disposed of. And let's not forget to purify the 'Religious Right' and system of 'Christianity', especially the CUI ZioChristian malignancy on the Body of Christ in America.

Ron Paul in 2008!
(America's Only Hope)

Fire, Brimstone and Painful Truths!

Bob Chapman of 'International Forecaster' has a message for the WH, Congress and the American People:

...and behind it all is the...
'Hidden Hand' of Zionism!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

AIPAC Special Minyan Club* Mission

The Great Walls of Jerusalem
(an Arafat Memorial Mission)

"Something there is that doesn't love a wall"
Mending Wall - Robert Frost

Will these Great Walls contain Yahweh's Great Anger and Fury
when His MELTING promise is fulfilled?

* Got a spare $100,000 lying around to join the AIPAC Minyan Club? It's all for the "Greater Israel" cause and rubbing elbows with illuminated Zionists. 'Lo chaim!' to the Palestinians.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Israel and Desert Glass

Have you heard rumors about Israel launching a missile attack on Iran to provoke a counter-attack and excuse to have America join in the attack? - possibly with nukes? Have you heard of Israel's threat to use the 'Samson Option' (MAD) if it is attacked?

Here is what you need to remember:

"As men gather silver, bronze, iron, lead, and tin into the midst of a furnace, to blow fire on it, to melt it; so I will gather you in My anger and in My fury, and I will leave you there and melt you."
Ezekiel 22:20
(Yahweh's promise to the 'rebellious house of Israel')

"The Word of God is living and powerful"

If and when Israel activates the 'Samson Option', it will be melted! Simple, huh?!

The Devil's Zionist 'Signature' on 9/11

"Oh say, can you SEE!"?

What secrets does the US$ reveal about America's heritage and founders? Is the Illuminati (Luciferian or Satanic) symbolism just an accident? Does the 'Eye of Horus' watch over America and Israel (Jerusalem Supreme Court buildings) and the UK? Is there more here than meets the EYE? Oh say, can you SEE! the 13 stars of the original 13 colonies embedded in the Star of David (Sign of the Beast) in America's Dollar Bill? Is 13 just another odd number, like 9 and 11, or does it represent the demonic "god of this world" (aka the Devil, Satan, Mammon, Lucifer or 'The Great Deceiver')? Is this the almighty Dollar Bill which is about to be crashed by Zionists to prepare the ground for the New World Order of the Satanic Illuminati? Watch!

Remember, in addition to the Illuminati 'Eye of Horus', God is watching US (from a rapidly decreasing distance).

"It is a fearsome thing to fall into the hands of the living God". Get ready!

'Two of a Kind'

Ever have a real close look at some of those Zionist heads? These 2 here and 'people' like Libby, Olmert, Perle, Milchan, Greenspan, Chertoff, Clinton, Saban, Wolfowitz, Zakheim, Abrams, Feith, Sharon, Lieberman, Pelosi, Clinton, Bernanke, Giuliani, Silverstein, Hellerstein, Pipes, Bolton, Eitan, Krauthammer, Fleischer, Podhoretz, Mukasey, Cheney, Powell, Rice, Rumsfeld, etc., etc., etc. Their Jabba lips, their cold eyes, their alien speech? What language is their 'body language'? - or is it 'body snatching' language? Should we call them 'Them'?

Pay attention to what they do in private and ignore what they say in public (they LIE). They speak with forked tongues. Do reptilians and vipers have forked tongues? You betcha!

"Keep Off The Grass"

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

America under God's Judgment

The current California wildfires were caused by a High which hovered over Southern California, generating 'Santa Ana' winds and creating conditions ideal for these fires. The areas affected were 'Red' areas, owned mostly by Republicans who had homes and businesses to lose. In comparison to most Americans, they are the 'Rich', who voted for Bush, Schwarzenegger and Zionist politicians (Pelosi, Feinstein, Boxer). These are NOT the people who are really hurting in making a living or have no medical insurance, can't afford to send their kids to College, etc.! We should not be surprised that Bush, Schwarzenegger and Chertoff are all making appearances in support of their prime constituencies! While every loss of a home or business is a great tragedy for those affected, God is issuing a warning to those who feel secure and 'comfortable', financially and physically. America's growing immorality and willful blindness towards the plight of the poor and homeless, coupled with their willingness to ignore the lies and deceit of their political leaders (Republicans and Democrats) will unleash severe Judgment from the God they increasingly reject or ignore.

This is only a relatively small warning of God's wrath, which will continue to fall heavily on America and especially on those who have 'a lot to lose'. 'Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose'. Soon, freedom will be the only thing many Americans will have 'left to lose' - and the Zionists like Bush, Chertoff and Schwarzenegger will SEE! to it that they will also lose their freedom. The American Fascist Police State is coming, gulags, torture and all - thanks to Israeli and American Zionist influence.

"There will be gnashing of teeth"

For more on the near-term future of America, visit the 'Last Trumpet' website (link above) and read David J. Meyer's messages for the last few months. It's time to REPENT (change our ways and values - or else!)

Monday, October 22, 2007

NEXT: The Grand Depression (+)

America is on the edge of an economic and social abyss, the depth and breadth of which have never been experienced. The Zionist Sorcerer (Sir Alan Greenspan) and his Zionist Apprentice (Whirly Ben Bernanke) have deliberately caused the biggest credit and related asset bubbles in the history of the Republic.

(SEE! for more on the economic disaster ahead, master-minded by Greenspan).

The US Dollar's collapse is accelerating. The price of oil is skyrocketing (that means the price of gasoline will rise dramatically). The price of gold is at a 27-year high and is on its way to the stratosphere. The Bush government is operating on credit and Ben's Federal Reserve Bank printing presses. Total debt exceeds $9Trillion (a record high). The Trade Deficit is at an all-time high and growing. Inflation is about to be unleashed and is WAY above the 'official' 2.3% CPI increase. The government is routinely lying about all economic statistics it publishes. All financial and equity markets are being manipulated to postpone the day of reckoning and the inevitable financial melt-down. The Housing bubble is bursting and prices will decline for YEARS! Municipal tax revenues will plummet as Real Estate appraisals drop and foreclosures reach all-time high levels.

Foreign governments 'own' America (China and Japan lead the way). The illegal invasion of Iraq, mandated by the cabal of 'ISRAEL FIRST' Zionists, has cost America $600+Billion and shows no sign of ending any time soon - thanks to those Zionist Democrats who take their orders from their Israeli masters rather than the people who voted them into office. The Republican and Democratic parties are the 2 wings of the Israeli Zionist party! American-built gulags are awaiting their American occupants - as soon as the Zionists 'pull off' 9/11 (II), declare martial law and elevate Dubya to the new office of Dictator. Get ready for more invasions and wars in the Middle East for the benefit of "Greater Israel" - the Israeli Zionists' dream and the world's nightmare.

Does this scenario sound familiar? Wars and rumors of wars? The Devil and his demons have been cast out of heaven, have possessed their humanoid slaves (Zionists) and are intent on destroying America, humanity and the planet! Think it's all a bit 'over the top'?

Wait and SEE! (or get a Preview by clicking on the ***Sons of Light*** link, above)

The Grand Depression, already in progress, is just the Beginning - of the End!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

True Torah Rabbis on Zionism

The following was written in the introduction to a religious text called “Avos Al Banim” by the eminent Rabbi Shaul Brach of Kashoa, one of the great anti-Zionist rabbis in Hungary before World War II. His words, just like the words of Rabbi Teitelbaum ring clearer than ever today. (Dr. Lazlo Toth)

“Since the dawn of the Zionist movement, suffering has not ceased to exist in the world. All the warnings of the Torah have been fulfilled in their details among our People all over the world. For a believer it is no surprise that the Zionists are the same as the heretics at the time of the Destruction of the Temple. Thus, divine judgment has been unleashed on the entire world.

“It is, however, surprising how they can continue in their ways unless they have rejected the entire Torah and the Prophets, inasmuch as they support Zionism, they must surely hope they are successful. But the Torah states, ‘...lest the Land vomit you out because of how you defiled it.’

“As far as our brethren in America who support the Zionist heresy in the Holy Land are concerned, if they don’t face up to the truth, in liberal America they will quickly feel the effects of the verse, ‘With anger poured out will I rule over you.’ May G-d have mercy.”


SEE! quotes from other Rabbis about Zionism at:

There is a wealth of information about Jewish resistance against Zionism at the above link.

Zionists Murdoch & Hillary

Can the Zionist Yellow Journalism Morlock (or is it Moloch?) from the land of Oz re-package tainted goods and sell them to the drugged and drunk American public as a viable presidential candidate in 2008? Never underestimate the power of AIPAC and the Israel Lobby - and the billions of annual American aid dollars to Israel (make that shekels), jingling in their deep pockets and itching to be deposited in Hillary's campaign chest. Can the criminal past be just swept under the rug by the Zionist Media? Can Hillary's brass balls for Olmert and Israel be hidden under some blue dress? Will her saber-rattling dance of aggression on behalf of Israel (with nukes, even) beguile and befuddle the American sheeple public, drowning in rivers of blood and tears shed in Iraq, Afghanistan and back home? - thanks to satanic Zionists and "Auslege Goy" like Bush.

Ask Cindy Sheehan. Ask all the skeletons of the dead in Hillary's closet. Do the dead lie? Is this what America needs while on the edge of the abyss 'Made in Israel'? Does the Devil wear Prada? - or does Hillary? When God unleashes His wrath and fury on Zionists, no punishment will be 'off the table'!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Criminal 'Mayor of America' for President?

Are they serious? The Zionists who run America want to insert the pervert and 9-11 criminal Rudy Giuliani into the WH in 2008 to continue their cover-up of the 9-11 atrocity and subsequent treasonous acts against America and the Constitution by the Zionist Bush Cabal. Who better than the 9-11 'Trash Man' who disposed of the criminal evidence in record time.

What do the NYFD firefighters have to say about this Larry Silverstein 'buddy', who was responsible for the deaths of their comrades when WTC#7 was 'pulled' on 'Lucky' Larry's orders? Rudy knew and now we all know that Rudy was a key player in the 9-11 crime and its cover-up!

Friday, October 19, 2007

The name and number of the Beast

Who ARE these devilish monsters - who are hiding behind the 6x6x6 Star of David? Are they human - or humanoid? Have some soulless, extraterrestrial aliens played with the human genes and created an enemy in our midst? Has the alien invasion already taken place, but in a much more subtle and deceptive way than we dreamed of? Do these humanoids intend "To Serve Man" (Twilight Zone), after they cause havoc (the 'War on Terror'), wars and the real Holocaust? Should real Jews be VERY concerned about what these Zionist Satanists are 'up to'? Should all of humanity be VERY concerned about being served for lunch before long? Do these Zionist 'Body Snatchers' also consume human souls? Are the murdered, maimed, bulldozed and tortured American, Palestinian, Iraqi, Afghani, Lebanese, Syrian and 9/11 victims just an 'appetizer' before the 'main course'?

You decide! (Take the Red Pill first)

Monday, October 15, 2007

The Zionist Matrix and 9-11

Ready to take the Red Pill?

A cabal of Israeli and American Zionists (Neocons and 'Religious Right' fanatics) has infiltrated key positions within the Bush Administration, Congress, Justice, the Federal Reserve Bank, the Pentagon, the CIA and other government agencies. Think of it as a spider's web, covering all of America. The American public has been put into a comatose state by the Zionist-controlled MSM (MainStream Media). Think of them as the spider. The spider is the creation of Israeli Zionist leaders and their 'American' sayanim. Curious about who they are? Curious about their agenda for Israel, America and Zionism? Curious about what they did to promote their agenda?

The Who:

The What: 9/11 attacks; USS Liberty attack; Iraq Invasion; phony 'War on Terror'; bombing Afghanistan; Genocide of Palestinians; Credit/Housing Bubbles and Grand Depression; bulldozing Rachel Corrie; fixing American elections; 'buying' presidential candidates (AIPAC funding of Giuliani, Clinton, Obama, etc.); channeling hundreds of $Billions to Israel (Rabbi Zakheim); concealed development of nukes (Dimona); the Holocaust industry; etc., etc., etc.

The Why: PNAC and 'Greater Israel' (the Balkanization of the Middle East)

The How: "Don't worry about the Americans. We, the Jewish people, control America and the Americans know it." (Ariel Sharon - comatose, former Israeli Prime Minister)

Next: Iran, Lebanon and Syria. (Israel's perceived enemies)

How to STOP all this murder and mayhem?

ELECT Ron Paul in 2008!

In the interim, BEWARE of Mossad false-flag: 'accidenting', 'suiciding', poisoning, assassinating (including character), bribing, extorting, blackmailing, brainwashing and other deceptive ways of waging war and stabbing America in the back.

Here's a great site which explains the 9/11 Zionist atrocity:

It's high time to dump the Blue Pills!

Friday, October 12, 2007



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