Friday, October 19, 2007

The name and number of the Beast

Who ARE these devilish monsters - who are hiding behind the 6x6x6 Star of David? Are they human - or humanoid? Have some soulless, extraterrestrial aliens played with the human genes and created an enemy in our midst? Has the alien invasion already taken place, but in a much more subtle and deceptive way than we dreamed of? Do these humanoids intend "To Serve Man" (Twilight Zone), after they cause havoc (the 'War on Terror'), wars and the real Holocaust? Should real Jews be VERY concerned about what these Zionist Satanists are 'up to'? Should all of humanity be VERY concerned about being served for lunch before long? Do these Zionist 'Body Snatchers' also consume human souls? Are the murdered, maimed, bulldozed and tortured American, Palestinian, Iraqi, Afghani, Lebanese, Syrian and 9/11 victims just an 'appetizer' before the 'main course'?

You decide! (Take the Red Pill first)

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