Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010: The ONLY Hope for Humanity


and the

Did I mention the "War of Terror"?

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Never-Ending Story of 2010: 911

The TRUE STORY of 911 (NOT the 'Official' Fairy Tale) is THE STORY that Zionist Slimeballs from Israel and America would like to suppress from the light of day for all time - like the TRUE STORY of...

"The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion"

Will THEY! succeed? NO, THEY! will NOT succeed. The Truth about 911 (and the Truth about many of their other DIABOLICAL and CRIMINAL DEEDS) will SEE! the light of day. "Which day is that?" you ask. Some call it "The Day of Reckoning". Some call it "Judgment Day". The ONE WHO COUNTS called it...

"The day of their CALAMITY"

You could call it...

"Zionist Slimeballs Soup Day"Is it soup yet?
THEY! are still being gathered in Israhell! ("New Khazaria")
(Ezekiel 22:20)
"As men gather
silver, bronze, iron, lead, and tin
into the midst of a furnace,
to blow fire on it, to melt it;

so I will gather you
{the rebellious house of Israel}
in My anger and in My fury,
and I will leave you there

and melt you."

"The Word of God is living and powerful"

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dead Ahead: (Staged) Terror and PANIC!

2010 will bring the inevitable and growing REALIZATION that there will be NO EXIT from the steadily advancing GRAND DEPRESSION and ensuing ARMAGEDDON. The Zionist Terror & Deception Machine will go into OVERDRIVE to DISTRACT the American population with 'False-Flag' Acts of Terror, camouflaged and distorted by the Zionist-controlled ObamaRahm-a Administration and Zionist-controlled MainStream Media. The American Military will continue to suck in fresh human cannon fodder from the ranks of MILLIONS of Unemployed to FEED the ALIEN RACE. It will become PAINFULLY OBVIOUS that the source of America's AGONY originates in the Homeland of the Zionist Slimeballs and the ALIEN RACE:

"Day of their Calamity"
will finally arrive in the
"Synagogue of Satan"
(Ezekiel 22:20)

PANIC will be REAL!
DEATH will be FIERY!

Friday, December 25, 2009


The typical Baby Steps which will RELEASE you from the BONDAGE of the
and END their THOUGHT (MIND) CONTROL over your life!
The 1st Step is the 1st
Act of God!


God's 'Wake-Up' Call with a Heavenly 2x4

The Solution to The Puzzle - and you shall find (HIM!)
(24x7 Acts of DESPERATION)


from Above
(By Divine GRACE)


in Jesus the Christ as your Personal Savior
(Start your new life as an OVERCOMER)
More Suffering - but you understand its PURPOSE!

the DIVINE ORDER in God's Universe
(...was blind but now I SEE!)

Those are the Steps - in the NECESSARY ORDER!
ALL the Baby Steps are
You can't complete ANY of them without His Help!
They work with ANY IQ!

- at last!Read: "As A Man Thinketh" (James Allen)
to gain some insights
into the importance of thoughts!
want to control our thoughts!


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Jesus the Christ's 2nd Coming...

will be
His 1st Coming!Who are YOU waiting for???

Let's celebrate the birth of THE CHRIST this Christmas!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Are you wondering
"What's going on on the other side?"
WHO turned ON the LIGHT(bulb)???

Bill Bonner of Daily Reckoning has an inkling of VERY NASTY THINGS TO COME. Pay particular attention to the last BULLET POINT in his summary of the unusual and extremely THREATENING constellation of present-day problems - you might even call it a DOOMSDAY SCENARIO. Of course, a BLACK HOLE (DOOMSNIGHT) is equally likely - maybe MORE likely - but Bill Bonner is on the right track.

If you are curious about WHAT is actually going to happen and WHO PLANNED IT, study the rest of this Blog and my website. If your brain is (still) working, your eyes will pop out of your head as you read my Blog and website and it finally dawns on you (call it an EPIPHANY) WHAT, IN THE WORLD, is REALLY HAPPENING - and has been happening for DECADES. Don't forget to study...


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

NEVER FORGET 911 - Zionist Israel ATTACKED America!

also brought America the

Friday, December 18, 2009

America's (Zionist Slimeball) GANGRENE

One of my favorite Zionist Slimeball Shills (Karl Denninger) is beside himself (again) about Greedspan's and Bernanke's (the Demonic Duo) DIABOLICAL PLAN to KILL OFF America, starting with the American Economy. Notice how it never occurs to KD that their diabolical plan is KOSHER and DELIBERATE! These Zionist Slimeballs are EXTREMELY CLEVER - but EVIL! THEY! just LOVE the way things are going (DOWN, DOWN, DOWN - into the ABYSS), just like THEY! planned it in...

Karl is desperately trying to have us OVERLOOK that the emperor is stark naked! Karl will continue to DENY the Zionist Slimeball Connection to America's and the Global LOOMING DISASTER until we are all choking to death on gefilte fish and matso ball BLOODY BLOBS. How can you positively IDENTIFY a Zionist Shill? Ask THEM! about 911 - THEY! 'GO BALLISTIC' if you question the 'Official' explanation - no matter how ludicrous! (the same reaction to questioning the 'Official' HOLOCAUST). For THEM! the question of 911 is a matter of Life or DEATH (911 Truth means their DEATH).

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bernanke: CRIMINAL-Of-The-Year!


Bernanke is only the Apprentice
The Sorcerer appears belowHe was the CRIMINAL of the prior DECADES!

Is he also a Zionist Slimeball?


How many Zionist Slimeballs are there?

"THEY! are legion"

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Humanity: GMO for the ALIEN RACE

God's beautiful CREATION has been...

Think of planet Earth as an interplanetary GREENHOUSE where a living crop (Genetically Modified Organisms - FOOD) is being carefully CULTivated for an other-dimensional ALIEN RACE. EVIDENCE of ancient civilizations, including the Sumerian civilization and interstellar visitors (ANNUNAKI) abounds but is intentionally HIDDEN from public view and knowledge and collective consciousness - for obvious reasons! Think of each generation of human beings as a new CROP which is carefully CULTivated by AGENTS of the ALIEN RACE in our midst (think of Zionist Slimeballs as the present-day incarnation of these AGENTS) for CONSUMPTION (Bodies and Souls) by their interstellar ALIEN RACE MASTERS. THEY! CULTivate us and keep us in the DARK with lies, deception, perpetual violence and wars which create Negative Spiritual Energy on which THEY! feed. THEY! have an uncanny OBSESSION with Space and the 'God Particle' (LHC at CERN). THEY! STILL want to be like God! Humanity goes about its business, (almost) totally unaware that it is nothing more than the next meal for other "powers and principalities of DARKNESS in the heavenlies" beings, intent on rearranging PLANTATION EARTH in a more efficient 'New World Order' - DESIGNED to increase and PRODUCE (think of VEGGIES) a more manageable CROP and simplify the HARVEST. THEY! have a god. He is called "GREAT DRAGON", "SATAN", "OLD SERPENT", "DEVIL" (D-EVIL).

THEY! worship their god in
"The Synagogue of Satan"

THEY! LIVE - because WE DIE!

Are the SCALES falling off your eyes yet?
(SCALES are associated with REPTILIANS)

Oh, say - can you SEE!?FINAL WARNING!

Feel like a genetically modified cabbage - yet?
Did you ever wonder why THEY! call us (Humanity) CATTLE?
Maybe we're the same as SHEEPLE ('Dolly' - in BILLIONS) to THEM!?
FARM ANIMALS!"The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion"

Ever hear about the 'CATTLE' mutilations (genitals) by ALIENS?
Has Humanity been genetically engineered and is now being
herded like so many 'Dolly' Sheeple or Cattle?


You CAN escape from the ANIMAL FARM and become FREE!
(SEE! previous post)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

"For God so loved the world (humanity)...."

When you see Christ on the Cross and begin to contemplate His torment, suffering and agonizing death (temporary separation from His Father - and OUR Father), you may be wondering what sort of God it is Who allowed His only begotten Son to endure such agony and death.

When you see the enormous human suffering (physical, emotional and spiritual) which, to varying degrees, is part of everyone's life, you may be wondering what sort of God it is Who allows such enormous suffering to take place.

When you see the enormous (maybe YOUR) suffering RIGHT NOW and STILL TO COME, as prophesied in God's Word, you may be wondering what, EXACTLY, God is 'up to' or 'after'.

As you ponder these profound questions, keep in mind (and heart) the following attributes of God:

God is Love
God is Spirit
God is Life
God is Light
God is Holy
God is Omnipotent
God is Omniscient
God is Immutable (He does not change)

Once you begin to SEE! (through God's Amazing Grace) TRUTH ("I am the TRUTH") ("You shall know the TRUTH and the TRUTH will make you free"), MANY (not all!) of your questions will be answered and you will begin to understand (spiritual understanding) the DIVINE ORDER in God's Universe (including humanity) - including the very important purpose of SUFFERING.

The first CONCLUSION is that: If God allows something that we consider 'BAD' to happen (like Suffering), it's not REALLY 'BAD' but MUST have a NECESSARY purpose and GOOD end result as its (and His) OBJECTIVE. Why? Because God is Love! He LOVES humanity (YOU and me). "The Lord chastens those He loves."

You may be wondering: What's the GOOD in Suffering? (especially while YOU are suffering).

Remember that you and I are born as imperfect beings. Our 'Nature' (the 'Natural Man') is evil. Evil is INCOMPATIBLE with God. It CANNOT PERMANENTLY exist in His presence. Remember the 'Burning Bush' incident with Moses. That's WHY Jesus said: "You must be born again from Above". Only AFTER we are born-again do we obtain spiritual understanding (of the things of God - including things in His 'Natural' world).

Suffering is the ONLY way (because God CHOSE it to the exclusion of other, less 'painful' possibilities) through which our 'abominable SELF' can be TRANSFORMED (a miracle) into a spiritual 'Nature' (the spiritual 'Nature' of Jesus the Christ). Jesus the Christ is the 1st of a new, spiritual humanity (the 'Son of Man' as well as the 'Son of God').

Suffering is a NECESSARY and DESIRABLE part of the learning process of life, through which we are TRANSFORMED and REFINED so that we may EXIST ETERNALLY in God's presence in the NEXT LIFE. JOY is the part of life that we enjoy a lot more! God HELPS us to discover Him through Suffering, as we look for THE EXPLANATION of our life and its purpose. God has made a very important PROMISE in that regard: "Seek {Him} and you shall find". It's up to us to SEEK HIM!

So, you say, once you are born-again, is that the end of your suffering? No way, José! - it's just a different beginning (taking up the Cross)! Then starts the life-long process of PURIFICATION and practicing SELF-Denial until you reach (more like approach) the full stature and perfection of Christ. "To live is Christ and to die is gain" sort of sums it up. Is it all worth it in the end, you ask? Remember that EVERYTHING GOOD comes from our Father in Heaven - life, joy, delight and LOVE - above all! Read the verse at the end of the opening page on my website to catch just a hint of the unfathomable Joy and Blessings which await the children of God when we are with Him for Eternity. What's that worth? It's worth (giving up) EVERYTHING you can possibly have on this Earth - including life, itself! The ONLY alternative (Eternal Life in the absence of God) is more terrifying than we can possibly imagine. Even temporary separation from God, the Father, stressed Jesus the Christ to a depth beyond our comprehension. NO Love, NO Light, NO Joy - just Eternal Darkness with full consciousness. If that does not strike TERROR into every heart, nothing will! God has opened the Door to Himself through Christ - but YOU have to decide to ENTER! Yes, there is a price which must be paid - PRIDE and the sacrifice of the 'Abominable SELF'.

Getting back to suffering, if there were a less painful way by which we could exist eternally in God's presence, HE WOULD HAVE THOUGHT OF IT! If there were a less painful way to PURIFY us (by absolving us of our sin) than through the suffering and death of His Son, HE WOULD HAVE THOUGHT OF IT!

So what's the IMPORTANT LESSON to take away from all this, as we celebrate the birth of the Son of God, Jesus the Christ?

"No one comes to the Father except through Me"

Let me repeat that with added emphasis:

"NO ONE comes to the Father EXCEPT THROUGH ME"

If you think there is ANY other way to get to God the Father, you are being DECEIVED (or you are DECEIVING yourself!)

Gold can only be extracted from the natural elements through the process of REFINING by FIRE!
God's process of REFINING us is very similar.

There's A LOT MORE to be said, but it's a good place to start.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Global Economic COLLAPSE

What do America (including States, Cities and Municipalities), Great Britain, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal and Spain have in common? What is the Lowest Common Denominator (shared by a steadily increasing number of other countries) of these select countries? The LCD is...


This STAGGERING DEBT (which ObamaRahm-a wants to INCREASE in America) CANNOT be serviced or eliminated without creating ADDITIONAL Debt - in a deadly spiral, leading INEVITABLY to the GRAND DEPRESSION and ABYSS (Social Disintegration aka RIOTS and REVOLUTION). This time, the REAL perpetrators will be dragged into the streets and LYNCHED. Who are the REAL perpetrators? If you guessed 'Zionist Slimeballs' who want to WRECK the Present World Order in order to create their SATANIC NEW WORLD ORDER, you are entirely CORRECT! Are these Zionist Slimeballs from the same herd of Zionist Swineballs who did 911, leading to the attacks on Iraq and Afghanistan (the 'War of Terror') and are now targeting Iran? BULLSEYE! Meanwhile, the Zionist-controlled Slimeball MainStream Media is doing everything in its power to keep Humanity...


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

SPEND your way out of Debt!

ObamaRahm-a's latest brainstorm is for America to SPEND its way out of MASSIVE and GROWING DEBT. The Federal DEBT Ceiling has already been raised to $13 TRILLION, on its way TO THE MOON, ALICE! Do you have Credit Card Debt, like MILLIONS of other Americans who can't keep up with monthly payments - even minimum payments? NO PROBLEM! Just SPEND MORE, like ObamaRahm-a, and get yourself out of Debt. Does this sound like an idea only an IDIOT would try to sell - or buy? Ever hear of 'Voodoo Economics'?

(or anything else you can't afford!)

Here's a thought about Christmas:
Did Jesus buy presents for all His disciples?
Did he charge them on His Credit Card?

Time to RE-THINK Christmas!

Monday, December 7, 2009

America's PUBLIC ENEMY #1

'Bankster Bailout Bernanke'
(FED to make Profit on Stolen $TRILLIONS
{Stolen from Future Generations of
American Middle Class Taxpayers}
This is the ULTIMATE 'Sick Joke'
Is that where the BAILOUT BONUSES came from?
(Future, IMAGINARY Profits?)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

WHOSE Priorities are these?

Who ARE those Space Nuts who are spending $BILLIONS on the ISS
while MILLIONS of people, including children, starve and die?

Are THEY! who make these decisions really human?

Are the Zionist Butchers who run the Gaza Gulag really human?


The Earth has been invaded by a
THEY! have Zionist Slimeball AGENTS


"Our race is the Master Race. We Jews {he meant Zionists} are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves."



Friday, December 4, 2009

Understanding Unemployment - a camel story

The Zionist-controlled MainStream Media is trumpeting the fact that 'officially' ONLY 169,000 or so MORE Americans lost their jobs last month (joining the unquantifiable MILLIONS already UNEMPLOYED, UNDEREMPLOYED or NOT COUNTED!). If you like works of FICTION, read the BLS (HaHaHa!) Unemployment Reports - they're full of B(L)S! The Stock Market continues to be GOOSED by the Zionist Plunge Protection Team, in an attempt to BLOW a BIGGER BUBBLE with Bernanke's FUNNY MONEY. Lest you get carried up-and-away with all this HOT WIND, conjured up by Zionist Slimeballs, remember that each lost job and each new unemployment benefits check and each new credit card write-off and each new foreclosure and each new 'underwater' mortgage and each additional HOT (just-off-the-press) Dollar of FUNNY MONEY is like another straw, placed on the camel's back. There already are MILLIONS of straws, weighing down the hapless, overburdened camel. If you look down, you will SEE! that the camel's knees are buckling. Before too many more straws are placed on the camel's back, the INEVITABLE will happen: THE LAST STRAW WILL BE PLACED ON THE CAMEL'S BACK AND THE CAMEL WILL COLLAPSE - ON TOP OF ALL 50 UNITED STATES of AMERICA! (it's a BIG camel).

How many more straws can the poor camel take, you ask?


Thursday, December 3, 2009

BS from a Zionist Shill (Knish-Mish)

Here's an excerpt from a premier Zionist Shill, protesting too much about Zionist-controlled Federal Reserve Shenanigans ("Distortions, Lies and Muggings..."):

Fed Uncertainty Principle

Long before that, and even before such blatant abuses occurred, I predicted such happenings in the Fed Uncertainty Principle, written April 3, 2008.

Uncertainty Principle Corollary Number Two: The government/quasi-government body most responsible for creating this mess (the Fed), will attempt a big power grab, purportedly to fix whatever problems it creates. The bigger the mess it creates, the more power it will attempt to grab. Over time this leads to dangerously concentrated power into the hands of those who have already proven they do not know what they are doing.

Uncertainty Principle Corollary Number Four: The Fed simply does not care whether its actions are illegal or not. The Fed is operating under the principle that it's easier to get forgiveness than permission. And forgiveness is just another means to the desired power grab it is seeking.

This is a classical and diabolical blend of Zionist Shill truth and DECEPTION. The sentence in red (my red) exemplifies this distortion. What THEY! have proven, is that THEY!




...with the Help of Zionist Slimeball "Auslege" Goy Stooges, like ObamaRahm-a and Hanky-Panky Paulson!

How long has this been going on?

This long:

"The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion"

Only a Zionist Shill Knish-Mish like Mike Shedlock can make Mish-Mash out of the truth with a straight face, hoping that the American sheeple ('Cattle') will swallow his Zionist Slimeball Shill BS!

NO WAY, JOSÉ!The Zionist Slimeball BLOODY BLOBS hand-writing is ALL OVER

Even Senator Jim Bunning, who roasted Bernanke's marshmallows over the fire,
FAILED to CONNECT the BLOODY Zionist Slimeball BLOBS,

Senator Bunning (ex-baseball pitcher) is either STUPID - or he's throwing us a
Slimy Zionist Screwball!
It's NOT enough for ONE Zionist Slimeball (Bernanke) to be sliced and diced,
IF that should happen.
There are HUNDREDS, if not THOUSANDS of Zionist Slimeballs at large,and ALL of THEM! MUST be sliced and diced, IMMEDIATELY,
IF America is to SURVIVE.