Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Are you wondering
"What's going on on the other side?"
WHO turned ON the LIGHT(bulb)???

Bill Bonner of Daily Reckoning has an inkling of VERY NASTY THINGS TO COME. Pay particular attention to the last BULLET POINT in his summary of the unusual and extremely THREATENING constellation of present-day problems - you might even call it a DOOMSDAY SCENARIO. Of course, a BLACK HOLE (DOOMSNIGHT) is equally likely - maybe MORE likely - but Bill Bonner is on the right track.

If you are curious about WHAT is actually going to happen and WHO PLANNED IT, study the rest of this Blog and my website. If your brain is (still) working, your eyes will pop out of your head as you read my Blog and website and it finally dawns on you (call it an EPIPHANY) WHAT, IN THE WORLD, is REALLY HAPPENING - and has been happening for DECADES. Don't forget to study...


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