Sunday, December 13, 2009

Humanity: GMO for the ALIEN RACE

God's beautiful CREATION has been...

Think of planet Earth as an interplanetary GREENHOUSE where a living crop (Genetically Modified Organisms - FOOD) is being carefully CULTivated for an other-dimensional ALIEN RACE. EVIDENCE of ancient civilizations, including the Sumerian civilization and interstellar visitors (ANNUNAKI) abounds but is intentionally HIDDEN from public view and knowledge and collective consciousness - for obvious reasons! Think of each generation of human beings as a new CROP which is carefully CULTivated by AGENTS of the ALIEN RACE in our midst (think of Zionist Slimeballs as the present-day incarnation of these AGENTS) for CONSUMPTION (Bodies and Souls) by their interstellar ALIEN RACE MASTERS. THEY! CULTivate us and keep us in the DARK with lies, deception, perpetual violence and wars which create Negative Spiritual Energy on which THEY! feed. THEY! have an uncanny OBSESSION with Space and the 'God Particle' (LHC at CERN). THEY! STILL want to be like God! Humanity goes about its business, (almost) totally unaware that it is nothing more than the next meal for other "powers and principalities of DARKNESS in the heavenlies" beings, intent on rearranging PLANTATION EARTH in a more efficient 'New World Order' - DESIGNED to increase and PRODUCE (think of VEGGIES) a more manageable CROP and simplify the HARVEST. THEY! have a god. He is called "GREAT DRAGON", "SATAN", "OLD SERPENT", "DEVIL" (D-EVIL).

THEY! worship their god in
"The Synagogue of Satan"

THEY! LIVE - because WE DIE!

Are the SCALES falling off your eyes yet?
(SCALES are associated with REPTILIANS)

Oh, say - can you SEE!?FINAL WARNING!

Feel like a genetically modified cabbage - yet?
Did you ever wonder why THEY! call us (Humanity) CATTLE?
Maybe we're the same as SHEEPLE ('Dolly' - in BILLIONS) to THEM!?
FARM ANIMALS!"The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion"

Ever hear about the 'CATTLE' mutilations (genitals) by ALIENS?
Has Humanity been genetically engineered and is now being
herded like so many 'Dolly' Sheeple or Cattle?


You CAN escape from the ANIMAL FARM and become FREE!
(SEE! previous post)

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