Friday, December 18, 2009

America's (Zionist Slimeball) GANGRENE

One of my favorite Zionist Slimeball Shills (Karl Denninger) is beside himself (again) about Greedspan's and Bernanke's (the Demonic Duo) DIABOLICAL PLAN to KILL OFF America, starting with the American Economy. Notice how it never occurs to KD that their diabolical plan is KOSHER and DELIBERATE! These Zionist Slimeballs are EXTREMELY CLEVER - but EVIL! THEY! just LOVE the way things are going (DOWN, DOWN, DOWN - into the ABYSS), just like THEY! planned it in...

Karl is desperately trying to have us OVERLOOK that the emperor is stark naked! Karl will continue to DENY the Zionist Slimeball Connection to America's and the Global LOOMING DISASTER until we are all choking to death on gefilte fish and matso ball BLOODY BLOBS. How can you positively IDENTIFY a Zionist Shill? Ask THEM! about 911 - THEY! 'GO BALLISTIC' if you question the 'Official' explanation - no matter how ludicrous! (the same reaction to questioning the 'Official' HOLOCAUST). For THEM! the question of 911 is a matter of Life or DEATH (911 Truth means their DEATH).

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