Friday, December 4, 2009

Understanding Unemployment - a camel story

The Zionist-controlled MainStream Media is trumpeting the fact that 'officially' ONLY 169,000 or so MORE Americans lost their jobs last month (joining the unquantifiable MILLIONS already UNEMPLOYED, UNDEREMPLOYED or NOT COUNTED!). If you like works of FICTION, read the BLS (HaHaHa!) Unemployment Reports - they're full of B(L)S! The Stock Market continues to be GOOSED by the Zionist Plunge Protection Team, in an attempt to BLOW a BIGGER BUBBLE with Bernanke's FUNNY MONEY. Lest you get carried up-and-away with all this HOT WIND, conjured up by Zionist Slimeballs, remember that each lost job and each new unemployment benefits check and each new credit card write-off and each new foreclosure and each new 'underwater' mortgage and each additional HOT (just-off-the-press) Dollar of FUNNY MONEY is like another straw, placed on the camel's back. There already are MILLIONS of straws, weighing down the hapless, overburdened camel. If you look down, you will SEE! that the camel's knees are buckling. Before too many more straws are placed on the camel's back, the INEVITABLE will happen: THE LAST STRAW WILL BE PLACED ON THE CAMEL'S BACK AND THE CAMEL WILL COLLAPSE - ON TOP OF ALL 50 UNITED STATES of AMERICA! (it's a BIG camel).

How many more straws can the poor camel take, you ask?


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