Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Shot in the Arm - or in the Head?

BUSH:"By passing a growth package quickly, we can provide a shot in the arm to keep a fundamentally strong economy healthy,"Criminal Doofus

This is the picture of a sick (on drugs and the bottle and who-knows-what-else) and deranged (psychopathic) man who is determined (and cajoled by his Zionist handlers) to lead America into the Abyss. He needs to be removed from Office immediately - for Treason, Crimes against Humanity and Utter Stupidity. 'Criminally Insane' is a good and accurate description. Anti-Christ is even better! Whoever put this man in the WH deserves a fate worse than death. Is MELTING worse than death? Is Tribulation worse than death?

"If you have tears to shed,
prepare to shed them soon"

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