Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Enemy Within....America (and Earth)

Ever wonder about all those nasty dual citizenship Israeli-American Zionists (Neocons) in positions of undue influence or power, who are loyal to the devilish State of Israel and supporters of the "Greater Israel" vision? (better described as 'Humanity's Nightmare'). Are you familiar with the epiphany: 'We have found the enemy - and they are us'!? Well, that's only a legal technicality. Actually, and that means genetically and spiritually, they are NOT us - they are THEM! They just look like us - sort of. Ever see the film "The Body Snatchers"? How about "The Matrix"? How about "THEM"?

Ever hear of planet Nibiru (planet 'X') and the Annunaki? Ever hear of Baalbek and Stargates and the Trilithon? Are you familiar with Zecharia Sitchin and his study of the Sumerian civilization? Think it's all 'way out'? IT IS! If this is all 'News' to you, better do some Google-ing - while there is still Time and an Internet!

Every now and then (a few thousand years), the Outer Oort Cloud is disturbed by the orbit and approach of a large celestial body, which causes swarms of Comets to whiz around in our Solar System - like multiple steel balls in a giant, 3-dimensional pinball machine. It's a story which NASA is not fond of telling. It happened before and explains the strange Desert Glass found in some parts of the Middle East. Things have to get mighty hot before rocks will melt to form Desert Glass - hotter than a nuclear blast, for example. A close approach by a Comet (Coma) would do it! When Yahweh said (Ezekiel 22:20) that He will gather THEM in His Furnace and MELT THEM (the rebellious House of Israel), what and who and where and when (we already know 'why'), do you suppose, He had in Mind? Have you noticed how many 'new' Comets are being discovered as we speak? Does 1 of them have Earth's 'number' on it? Oy veh! (rhymes with Yahweh)

These are all pieces of The Puzzle (SEE! 'Sons of Light' for the Solution)

"The Truth will make you Free"
('The Truth' is mainly a 'Who', more than a 'What')

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