Wednesday, November 14, 2007

ENDGAME: Whose GAME is this, anyway?

Is there an ENDGAME for humanity?

This is the Alex Jones version

Is this really the End Game for humanity? - or does God have something very different in mind? The End Game that Zionists (Satanists) have planned for us is NOT what God has in mind - it's what the Devil has in mind. The Devil was defeated on the Cross of Christ and God's End Game for the Devil will arrive in Time. Time will shortly expire - and the Devil and his Satanist followers will expire with Time!

Then, a new and spiritual humanity will be 'born again', according to God's Plan. Are you part of His Plan and will you be a member of the new, spiritual humanity?

Jesus the Christ was the 1st to show us what the new humanity will be like. Only He holds the key to the Door through which all those 'elected according to God's purposes' must enter. Only He can give Life in Eternity. The Time to choose is running out. Choose Christ! - Get Life! Your Life depends on it!

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