Wednesday, December 19, 2007

"Christ in us, the hope of Glory"

During the past few months, a new viewer pattern has emerged on my main website, "Sons of Light". While Canada, Australia, the UK and the Netherlands have been sharing the lead for many months and years, the 'US Educational' category is now a regular front-runner. This category represents students and faculty of universities and colleges - mostly young people, trying to makes sense of the world and their future. If you're in that category, I want to specifically Welcome you to my website and to this Blog.

At first glance, my observations about The Puzzle of human existence may appear to be nothing but gloom and doom, without offering any hope. Some think it's anti-Semitic. Nothing could be further from the Truth! Study the website and the links - and you will begin to SEE! the Truth that can make you free, forever.

Yes, humanity is staring into the Abyss and we cannot avoid entering into it. This event, engineered by Satan and his worshipers (Zionists and other Satanists) is part of a much larger plan - God's Plan for humanity. "For God so loved the world (humanity) that He gave His only begotten Son" (Jesus the Christ) so that all who believe in Him may have everlasting Life! Humanity's hope and your personal hope for the future is contained in God's Word and promises to those who accept Christ's great sacrifice on the Cross. We are about to celebrate the anniversary of Christ's arrival on our planet Earth.

If you think that your existence has no meaning, think again! You will be a witness to the greatest event which humanity and all Creation has been awaiting since Christ's Resurrection. Your future is in your hands and in your heart. Deception and denial of God and Christ is all around us. Satan is 'the god of this world' but God has prepared another and better world, the 'New Jerusalem' for all those who accept the sacrifice of the Son of God.

God's Love is the greatest power in His Universe and that Love has been gifted to us, so that we can return that Love - to Him and to each other.

Pain, trials and tribulation are ahead, but beyond the Abyss beckons God's wonderful and loving promise to all who acknowledge that they belong to Him:

"Behold, I make all things new"

Don't despair by what you see on the surface! Look deeper and you will SEE! the hope of our coming Glory. Your existence is not meaningless. How could it be meaningless if God loves us and has created His wonderful Plan to offer us eternal Life in His presence?! He wants us to be His Sons and Daughters.

"Joy to the world, the Lord has come!"

May God's Amazing Grace and Love be with you all this Christmas season and throughout the future - and don't let anyone take the 'Christ' out of Christmas!

If you don't know Jesus the Christ, "Seek (Him) and you shall find". God keeps His promises! (Seeking is a relentless and all-consuming 24/7 activity - like cramming for Finals!)

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