Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Death Penalty for 911 Criminals - Pentagon

Do you really believe that those 6 Arabs, tortured and brainwashed for 6 years in Guantanamo, plotted and executed the 911 crime? If you believe that, you likely also believe that Bush is a born-again Christian. And if you believe that, then you're also likely to believe that McCain and Lieberman (Republican ticket for 2008?) are totally independent of AIPAC and Israeli Zionist influence. And do you know what believing all that makes you? It makes you a clueless idiot. How many clueless idiots are there in America? They are 'legion'. Of course, turning you into a clueless idiot did not happen overnight or by accident - it is the result of years of laborious effort by those Zionist Sickos in our midst. Mostly the ones who control the American MSM (MainStream Media), the American educational system and the American political system.

"I have loyalties that are greater than my party"

Quote from Joseph Lieberman. What is Joseph's party? It's the Republican, Democratic or Independent party, collectively known as the 'Zionist Party of Israel'.

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