Saturday, March 1, 2008

$736M US Embassy in Iraq, etc.

Not satisfied with wasting thousands of American lives and hundreds of $billions on the illegal Invasion and Occupation of Iraq, Bush and his cabal are apparently wasting hundreds of $millions on a State Department playground in Baghdad. A more appropriate symbol of America's permanent impression on Iraq will be the memory of phosphorized Fallujah and the burial grounds of a million or so Iraqis who died as a direct result of the illegal American Invasion and Occupation. They don't 'hate us for our freedom' - they hate us for destroying their country and future. Thank you, Emperor Bush - supreme war criminal!

Did anybody ask the Iraqi people what sort of memorial they want as a remembrance of the American presence there? - in addition to the vast military bases built there to 'promote' Israeli and American interests for the next 100 years or more!

Which Iraqis invited America
(with its Weapons of Mass Destruction)
into Iraq?...

Or did Israeli Neocons 'invite' America into Iraq?...
to turn its rivers into rivers of blood and tears
and its land into rubble?...

like THEM are doing
to the Palestinians in Palestine!
("Lo Chaim", Palestine)

Who is the next victim in the
Israeli Neocons' diabolical plans?...
Iran, Lebanon, Syria...or Texas?

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