Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Waste of Space (and Dollars)

What's that? It's a NASA photo of sand dunes on Mars (published on their APOD website on March 3, 2008). Isn't it amazing to be able to see those interesting sand dunes? Ever wonder how much it costs (the American taxpayer) to see all those wonderful photos of the planets and other celestial objects in our solar system and in Space? How much, do you suppose, our leaders have spent throughout the last few decades on Space exploration, including the NASA and other Space-related budgets? Would you believe BILLIONS of dollars? How many people, do you suppose, are employed by the American government and private companies related to Space exploration? Would you guess hundreds of thousands?

Did you ever wonder who really sets the priorities in America's budgets? Who decides, for example, to spend BILLIONS on Space exploration, while short-changing so many other issues which would directly benefit the welfare of millions of 'average' Americans? Do we have Americans without medical insurance/care in America? Do we have underprivileged children who can't get a quality education in America? Do we have countless disabled, poor and homeless in America? Do we have out-of-control drug, gang and violent crimes problems in America? Do we have a diseased (in many ways) and Sicko society?

Is there some elite group in America (or elsewhere) which really sets these priorities and which is not accountable to the American voters? Are you in favor of 'investing' in Space exploration while millions of Americans are suffering from poverty, hunger, homelessness or those other problems mentioned above?

What sort of callous and evil slimeballs would do this to Americans and to America? Would you believe that nasty Zionists and their stooges would do this? If they are deliberately causing the Grand Depression (now in progress) - and they are - it becomes VERY believable!

Think about that the next time you see someone living out of a supermarket cart or panhandling drivers stopped at a traffic light! Think about where America spends its (rapidly inflating) Dollars. Who is being held accountable?

What's the fascination with Space and places we will never get to for any useful purpose? Is someone deliberately WASTING our resources and time? We already know who is WASTING America's blood and treasure in illegal and violent exploits in Afghanistan, Iraq and Gaza (Palestine) - with a lot more planned for the benefit of "Greater Israel"!

Shame on THEM! - and Shame on us!

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