Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Deception: Zionist Shills Galore

The "Greenspan Depression", already in progress, should really be called the "Zionist Depression" (SEE! my previous Posts) - a stop on the road to Armageddon. That's 'Financial Armageddon' first, and Biblical Armageddon shortly thereafter.

The Web is full of Financial Blogs and Forums whose authors and majority of members are nothing more than Zionist shills, seeking desperately to deceive and conceal the true perpetrators of Zionist crimes against America and against humanity. They go to great lengths to analyze the corpse of America's economy BUT they want to conceal (at all cost) that Zionists are responsible for the financial ruin and coming suffering of millions of Americans! Remember folks, these Zionist shills work for the "Great Deceiver" and his Zionist worshipers who worship him in the "Synagogue of Satan" (SEE! previous Posts for more on the "Synagogue of Satan").

I recently published Comments in some of these Blogs and Forums and as soon as I raised the issue of: WHO DID IT (Zionists), abuse, name-calling, censoring and banning were the reactions - the typical Zionist and Neocon response.

Today, I attempted to publish a Comment on the MarketTicker Forum (Karl Denninger) under the name of EternalOptimist. For those of you who may be interested in reading that Comment, it is posted below. To fully understand this Comment, you have to read it in the context of my previous 2 Comments there and be able to SEE! my avatar on that website (or look below). In order to do that, you must register there (free). Then look under 'Daily Ticker' in the Blog Forum for my 1st Comment and in the 'Bilge' for my 2nd Comment.

Remember that in the Comment below (and the other 2 Comments on the MarketTicker Forum), the above Avatar is speaking [Mammon, the 'Eye of Horus' (Horace), Lucifer, Satan]. Here is Comment #3:
Well folks, I've SEEn the Monday Madness (my 1st Comment)
and I've sloshed around in the BILGE for a while (my 2nd
Comment - the MOST IMPORTANT Comment that y'all gonna read
this year - IF you get my drift!) and now it's time to look
past JimBu's and Karl's American patriotism (TOO LATE!)
at REALITY. Are y'all ready for some 'politically incorrect'

I'm here to tell y'all that what has been said so far
(by Karl) is only ONE side of the coin. It's a coin that if
you flip it, it's gonna be "Heads I win, Tails you lose".
Who is 'I'? I already told you! There are a few others who
are in my camp, friends - and my friends truly worship ME.
Remember, they call me Horace or Mammon. Where do they
worship me? In the "Synagogue of Satan", of course!

Who are those friends of mine who worship me in the
"Synagogue of Satan" (besides Al and Ben)? How about the
members of AIPAC, ADF, JDL, Foxman, Chertoff, Mukasey,
Hellerstein, Zakheim, Podhoretz, Feith, Perle,
Abrams, Abramoff, Milchan, Saban, Silverstein, Libby,
Lieberman, Bush, Cheney, Paulson, Rumsfeld, Rice, Powell,
Obama, Pelosi, McCain,....well, you get the idea, right?
I might throw in Olmert, the other Lieberman, Eitan and
a whole bunch of others from Israel -
but it's all the same to me.

Did I hear you say "Zionism", "Greater Israel", "PNAC",
"Neocons" (dual Israeli/American citizen), "War of Terror",
"Clash of Civilizations", American Fascist Police State,
Patriot Acts, Gitmo Torture, "Extraordinary Rendition", etc.?
Remember, folks, the Neturei Karta True Torah Jews said:
"Zionism is Nazism".
They've been saying it since 1948.
As much as I hate to admit it, they are right - DEAD RIGHT!

Maybe I shouldna told y'all this, but I just LOVE to show off
my (Luciferian - that's another of my names) brilliance -
and some of you folks deserve (at least) to know how you
arrived in the NWO (New World Order) when you get there (SOON)
- and who y'all gonna worship, if I have my way.

Man, I'm still hungry! I think I'll eat a few more houses
and banks.

SEE! y'all in the BILGE! (where Inconvenient Truth is found).
There is another financial website (among MANY others) which has a similar objective as MarketTicker: MarketWatch. You can blame anyone for the Housing Mess and coming 'Financial Armageddon' you like - BUT NOT THE ZIONIST PERPETRATORS (who also perpetrated 9/11 - among many other attacks on America). Remember folks - the Financial world is filled with worshipers of Mammon and Zionist shills working for Israel and the "Great Deceiver" (Satan).

Do not be deceived!

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Anonymous said...

Ezekiel 27,28,35:
Isaiah 23,24,27:
Daniel 11:
Hosea 1,13:
Habakkuk 1,2,3:
Zephaniah 1,2:
Matthew 24:
Luke 21:
Revelation 17,18,19:
Sort of interesting how common all the stories in the bible are regarding cities and commerce... my guess is that it is this man made entity that the bible is desperately trying to describe and that possibly the battle of the 250 Million has already been won by global capitalism as Russia, China et al have all converted at this point and the race to build cities has accelertated to the point where more than half of the human population lives in urban centers for the first time in its history... it seems that starvation and lack of food is the predominant theme as to what goes wrong in the end... supply chains break down? oil price goes too high? who knows for sure... but this seems to be a more fruitful avenue to pursue than some global nuclear war.