Thursday, September 25, 2008

The EVIL IDIOT speaks (LIES) again!

"Listen up now, my fellow Americans.
A few weeks ago I told you a LIE
when I said that America's economy is strong.
I knew then that America's economy
was being DELIBERATELY destroyed
by my Zionist buddies, like Greenspan & Bernanke,
and our bosses in Israel.
So now I have another LIE for you.
America's economy is in grave danger.
Congress must bail out my Zionist buddies
or they will all go BANKRUPT.
They put me in the WH,
so I can't let that happen, now can I?! -
even though this Bailout Bill
will bankrupt America and your children
for the rest of their lives!
God bless America!"


"Fooled those idiots all again, didn't I!"

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