Sunday, September 7, 2008

'Auslege' Goy destroy America!

Zionist Agents in Freddie/Fannie take-over:

(Someone please put a shotgun in my big mouth!)

'Auslege' Goy Bush - TRAITOR to America!
'Auslege' Goy Paulson - TRAITOR to America!

Also responsible:
The entire US Congress!
('Israel-Occupied Territory' - Sen. Fulbright)

(A face only the Devil could love!)

The ZIONIST Sorcerer
(and his Israeli/American Zionist masters)
PRIMARILY responsible for:
The Housing Collapse;
The Grand Depression;
America's Destruction!
(Financial Armageddon)

A. Sharon to S. Peres:
"We, the Jewish {Zionist} people,

and the Americans know it"

Mazel Tov, America!

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